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  1. Thanks CGA! I will always try to remember this when I get anxious.
  2. Happy Birthday Lori and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Mt. Rider. I made butter with heavy cream from the store. It wasn''t bad at all. I have found a place that I can get some cow's milk, so that is next. I haven't gotten to the cheese yet. Grandkids showed up and drank most of my milk, then dishwasher finally did go out. The last one we put in was 18 years ago. They used to come with everything on it. Now, you have to buy the drain hose, hot water hose, couplings, etc. We didn't know that until we got home. It took 2 days to get that thing in. Then yard work because weeds are trying to take over. After the hot, dry summer we had, with water restrictions, everyone's yard looks awful around here. At least it didn't die. So much for that. Thanks for the info. Now at least, I have some info to start with.
  4. Thank you Mother for the info. I have enough in my folder to help me . I want to do vinegar cheese first. I was gone too long today but will probably try and make some tomorrow afternoon or Monday. I am excited. AND I am trying to learn something new everyday but tend to forget it sooner than I used to. Thanks for the encouragement. Have fun on your trip. Rest, relax and enjoy. Stay safe. Thanks everyone for the help. I have marked it and printed the info off. Such great info and websites.
  5. Twilight-Your info was very helpful. When do you add the chives, pepper, etc. ? If you season when it is still curds, is that cottage cheese? One more question, is the whey low fat? Is it still considered milk? CGA- I loved the websites. Now I have to go get another ribbon and add to my cheese notebook. They have so many different kinds. Is the hard cheese listed cheddar or colby? Hopefully, if I have time, I am trying some tomorrow. We will see how I do. I will just use whole milk from the store for the first time. I have learned so much about butter and cheese. I can't believe I never cared about making it. After 'pink slime', I realize the more I know about how things are made the better off I will be, especially when I will be able to do a lot more. CGA, you once posted that you don't have to have all of the fancy equipment to make stuff. I have emprovised before in other things, but just didn't realize there was a lot more I could do on my on. Tomorrow afternoon, they are having frontier days at a museum. I am anxious to go and see what else I can learn. I wish I knew how to post pictures on here. I would try and take some when I am through see if I can figure it out. Hopefully, this old gray mare is not too old to learn. P.S. CGA and Miki--I am glad you are all safe.
  6. After reading the ' Wagon Ho' story again and ehow website (thanks gofish), I think I have figured out vinegar cheese. If you don't have rennet or junk, you can use vinegar and pour it in your milk to make cheese. This is suppose to make a form of mozzerella cheese. Now, Mother, if you read this is this accurate? I am anxious to try this. I am going to get grandson to help me. If he doesn't have to get his hands goopy, as he calls it, he might have fun. At the price of cheese, I will see if this saves me any money.
  7. Good job Kappydell! Maybe it was just practice for when th SHTF. Midwives will be in great demand. (Name the first girlie kitten after yourself.)
  8. Just saw this. Hope you have a good birthday week, Miki. Enjoy more cake---you deserve it.
  9. Congratulations Violet. It seems that you are doing practical prepping in the best of ways. Take care. Ann, this is a wonderful approach to stocking up.
  10. You will enjoy her. She is a beauty and will probably wrap the 'old batchelors' around her paw. Congratulations!!!
  11. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.
  12. Congratulations on the new stove. I know nothing about coal though. It will come in handy. This sounds like it will make your life a whole lot easier. Trying to look on the lighter side, being a senior does have its advantages, senior discounts, using it as an excuse to do or not do something, etc. THe only problem is I think my sons have figured it out.
  13. Thanks Violet and gofish. I got my questions answered. I guess you can substitute the liquid for liquid when making biscuits or bread. Now, I guess it is up to Mother to help me with vinegar cheese. Oh Mother.......................wherefore art thou?
  14. Congratulations! Just 2 more days. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thanks Violet. How long does it last? Can you add honey to make honey butter? Would that work for straining and separating the cream--what I put down? Now how do you make queso fresco? (Added to my growing list)
  16. Have fun FullPantry but stay safe. You might check about taking extra toliet paper. There was a teacher at school (She was a summer tour guide) who always told her kids that she took every year to take extra because it is not always furnished. She also told them to wear old underwear and just leave them so you don't have to worry about it. If you wash it, it doesn't always dry, and then it sours. She would only let them take 1 large suitcase and one carry on or backpack because she said Americans always take more than you need. If you take interchangeable clothes that mix and match and 1 extra pair of shoes for other events, you will be fine. She said no one else will see you there ever again anyway. You probably knew all of this, but I thought it might help. If you have time, journal your adventures with short picture hints because they might run together. Go and have the time of your life, because it will be worth every minute. Oh, what memories you will have.
  17. Miki, you are right. Maybe that is a hint for you to start writing stories since you are deversified in your areas of talents. CGA, when my oldest granddaughter was little she only wore dresses. I made them out of tee shirts and plaid material for the skirt. She loved them. Funny, though I never though of using a tee shirt with a design on it, but did use iron on decals or cut things out of same skirt material and zigzaged around it. I also brought chambray shirts and did the same thing for my sons and their friends. They wore them as light weight jackets. Miki, aprons are also on my list now. I used to sew all of the time but stopped when we moved. (Now Martin Chick, How is the book coming? I need to reread yours and write down suggestions of how to do things, too.)
  18. Ok, I need help please. How can you make butter or cheese without a strainer or cream separator? I don't remember by grandma having them but then again I didn't pay much attention. I called all around and looked on the internet for them, new or used, Craigs list, and freecycle. I even went to second hand stores and farm stores. Everyone laughs, refers me to somewhere else, then tries to remember what they could for me. The lady at the kitchen store suggested a large strainer that you can buy at Walmart or a vegetable sieve with one layer of cheesecloth. Can you let the cream rise in a large jar and use a large spoon and spoon it off or would a fat-gravy separator work? For butter, I have a daisy churn and have used whipping cream and made butter in my food processor for fun. Nobody would eat it but me. It didn't seem to have much taste. I am tried to practice before everything happens. I think this sure would cause me less stress. Now, I have looked and looked trying to find how to make vinegar cheese. Do you know how many hits I got on Mrs. S when I tried to search for it? 98 I read a bunch of them but never found how to make it. Help. I printed off several ways to other kinds of cheese plus adding herbs, etc. If I use the left over liquid, how do I use it in biscuits or bread? What else can I use it for? I used to could do several things at once but now I seem to have lost my zeal for that. Please help and thanks for helping an old woman in destress--at least today. Tomorrow is another day. Four year olds can wear you out but oh what fun!!!!!!!!!!!! (I can blame Mother. After reading her story, I decided I wanted to learn how. Now I have to reread the other stories, then I will have more projects).
  19. Maybe it is time to step back, take a deep breath, and then take a day off to do something you want to do. Get a massage, go to a movie, just rest with no phones, go out and eat with friends or hubby, or even work on your paper without interruptions if possible. Your parents seem to keep doing what they want to, so maybe it is time for you to do that to even if it is for just one day. You and DH will be in my prayers. May God's peace and wisdom surround you in the days ahead.
  20. Miki, I love the aprons. I am going to try my hand at them. Thanks for the idea. This looks like it could be a stress relieving project. (By the way, how is the new book coming? I am anxiously awaiting.)
  21. Glad you are having a wonderful visit. It is good that the four of you could get together. I wish you would have had more time, but this is making memories. Be careful returning home and enjoy. I sure being in the car with two brothers is a trip in itself.
  22. Lori wins with 65. I am 61 so that was my number. PM me your address and I will get them to you. Congratulations.
  23. I know that several people live in the area of the bad storms all the way from snow storms to tornadoes. I do hope everyone is okay with no damage. Leaving town but just wanted yall to know there are people praying for your safety.
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