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  1. May the Lord grant Jesse speedy healing and peace as he waits for surgery, strength, protection, and peace for all of you as you wait upon the Lord. Hugs for all. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
  2. We got some on sale for $19.99 and love them. They feel wonderful, wash and dry well--no wrinkles- and somehow seem cooler. I went back and got another set. (Can't even remember how old my old sheets were.I just hate to buy sheets and towels, etc. I wait until it is an absolute must.)
  3. Just read this. It is heartbreaking to see this ,knowing all to well that very soon it could be us. We live in a world where the politicians are more concerned with "party lines" and greed than the peoples' well being. They asked for her opinion, but did not listen. Why not start a soup kitchen at the schools or community. Offering to buy a chocolate bar is the answer. Ha! I bet none of the politicians or their children were hungry. She is working and stretching her budget as far as she can go. I am not talking about handouts. Community gardens, classes in surviving day to day living and bartering, with God's mercy and grace, may be the only way we will survive in what is coming. Being surrounded by like minded people is surmountable to our survival in this day and time. I have been reading the 'Deep Winter' series downloaded on my computer so this is where my mindset is coming from right now. This just confirms how fast and easy things will go south. No work or contribution means no food. Even if not physically able to do manual labor there are so many things we can do to be productive (reading to children, remembering what used to be done in the past (canning,food prep and storage, gardening, sewing, fishing, etc.) and helping those able to do a better job. I do remember Katrina. The people who came here and hit all of the food pantries in our small city. Quite a few were demanding, insulted that we would give them store brands of food--demanding name brand instead. We were told since we got some food from the local food bank, we had to service them. Most of our food and donations at church came from our people, a lot of them senior adults on limited income. We always gave several sacks of groceries, enought to sustain them for a few weeks. They would leave ours, and then go to another pantry. They would even tell us this. Admittedly, there were some that were very thankful and humble. They lost everything but the clothes on their backs. These are the ones who were already looking for jobs and trying to get their families settled. I had to pray many a prayer to get through this. A very wise older man, 84, told me that it was in God's hands what they did with the food. (We found out from the police later that some were trading the food for drugs.) We had done what we were commanded to do which was to feed the least of these and help when needed. The main thing is prayer, a closer walk with our heavenly Father, wisdom and discernment in the coming events. Other countries in the world desperately need our prayers now also. May God have mercy upon us all, even though it is not deserved. :pray:
  4. Miki--don't stay gone too long. I do hope the move goes smoothly. Thanks Jori for volunteering. We really appreciate it. I don'e always respond to birthdays but do rememeber them when I see them.
  5. Congratulations, homesteader. What a wonderful new adventure God has planned for you and DH. May HE bless your new home and make it a place of rest and peace.
  6. Glad your back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you're here to stay.
  7. How true for today. Thanks Mt. Rider for something we can lean on.
  8. My DH loves jellies and jams. I used to make them all the time but stopped. It got to where you could buy them cheaper than make them. Well, their prices have really gone up, so today I made Apple Butter. I had forgotten how good homemade was. I could not find my original recipe or the book I kept everything in. Now, I am making angel biscuits tomorrow for breakfast. The next thing on my list is spiced peach butter I got off off Mrs. S. Can I use store bought frozen fruit (peaches) to make jam or frozen concentrated juice to make jelly? I don't really want to wait until summer when they are ready.
  9. MT. Rider, may God's healing hand be upon you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. In the name of Jesus, I plead His Blood upon you as your pain leaves. Thank you Father that nothing was broken, and we stand in the gap for her MS to calm down. As you 'rest' in Him , please be at peace as He restores you to health and His healing. In His Name. As you say, you know He is there and hears you. And YES it does help for othere interceding for us. I am in agreement with you. The Lord gave me this verse several years ago to pray over my mom and now I have to pray it over myself because of falls. I will pray it over you also. Psalm 37:23-24 (NIV) 23 The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; 24 though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand
  10. Since I missed your birthday, go ahead and take the week off. Hope your day was great. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother passing.
  12. Happy Birthday Quiltys41 and Farmgirlwannabe!!! Hope you were treated like royalty all day. Enjoy while you can. :cakeslice: :balloons: :bdaycake: :bev:
  13. AMarthaByHeart

    Newest Scam

    We got it. Thank the Lord our virus protector would not let us open it. I had just ordered something a few days earlier and without thinking, I tried. The protector wouldn't let us. We also got it on other web sites--ex. Catherines. I ran a complete scan after that. Thanks for the confirmation, Jeepers.
  14. I do hope you had a blessed day today for your birthday. Thanks for all you do and your encouragement you give in your devotions.
  15. This sure made memories come back. 25 years ago, we went to a lumber yard and my 6 yr. old son and said for me, rather loudly, to come look at some thing he had never seen, know what it was or didn't know how to turn it on. There was a machine that had bottled cokes going up and down the side with a door on it. It would not do anything. The men there got a good laugh but he at least got a free coke. Then they took him over to the 'puzzle' coke box (where you had to pull it thru the maze.)--another free coke. When he goes back in a few weeks he wants to go show his little one. At high school where I was a secretary, we had an old fashioned black phone and an avocado phone later which was described as pukey. More than once, the kids didn't know what it was or how to use it and why there were no buttons on under the numbers. When they got hold of a parent , they told them all about it. I heard alot of cool and neato. How about kids being amazed about not having remotes for tvs. PS--I knew the strawberry was for sharpening needles, but I didn't know what was in it.
  16. Thanks!! I don't have access to fruit trees. I am going to try and hit the farmer's market here. I will probably dry the fruit then and use when needed for jelly or jam, I can use it then. I just though about having some on hand just in case. We have 3 fruitless trees--for the life of me--I don't understand why you wouldn't plant trees that bear fruit. Our fruitless plum tree does have some little purple plums (for the first time) that are edible but don't get very big. DH loves plum jelly. I wish now that I had used the mylar bags with absorbers with all those I had to throw away. This I will do this time. Thanks again for the info.
  17. Can you buy plum, peach, strawberry, apple powder in bulk? If so, where and can it be used to make jelly? Also, if I seal breakfast bars in mylar and buckets, will they get old? As I have stated, I let some go bad. They were awful. Some were a year old, others just a few months? Do you think they would last longer than these if sealed? The others I had left in original packaging.
  18. May the Lord bless you and your family in your new walk with Him. Praises really are in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Jori--I agree with you. It sounds like we all are just 'trucking' along doing what we can. Today, I am starting my sourdough starter---again. I make it several times then frget to feed it. Maybe this I will do better. The recipe makes two large loaves or 3 smaller. It will be good with my new cheese and butter. But first get eggs ready to hunt. Has anyone found the old fashion candy eggs to hunt. We don't eat them and usually freeze them to use again the next year. No eggs last year or this year. I couldn't even find the dye kits. I will use food coloring to do the boiled ones. Violet this is a better idea. I didn't realize how many jars it would take. At least, now I know what we have here. Arby, CGA, etc. there are so many here who give me encouragement because of what you all do everyday. I decided a while back to try and accomplish something everyday.
  20. Tank has to be buried and so many feet from our house. There has to be an inspection before final approval. We have a small back yard so we know it wouldn't pass. I think I will stop my little projects next week and start canning again. I have pork chops, hamburger meat, chicken in freezer. I would like to can some red beans and black-eyed peas. CGA, I am like you. I would love to move to the country but it seems to be cost prohibitive right now. Thanks everyone, for the info. I was afraid of this. We live in West Texas where the wind usually blows most of the time. I would love to put a wood stove on back patio. DH thinks I have flipped. He had finally agreed to getting a generator. I am going to print this off for further use.
  21. This past week I learned how to made cheese (the easy recipes, so far) and butter. Next, there is to make some with herbs and spices. The info I received here took the fear out of it. Thanks for all the good info and websites. I took all of my dehydrated food out of bags and put in jars and sealed them. I am still working on my 'How To' notebooks and marking things off of my to do lists. I finally finished going through my stock and found several things were really old. I found that the energy and snack bars , crackers , etc. do taste old after expired more that a year or more. I guess it is the oil content. I gave DGS some old peanut butter crackers /12-3-10 not realizing it. He spit for a good while and kept saying 'Nasty Grandma, Nasty.' I bought some fresh ones and had to taste first before he would he them. I guess I got lazy and when I bought new supplies, I would use the fresh stuff instead of putting in the stored supplies and using the older ones first. Next on list is to find a cord of firewood at a reasonable price and fix crack in firebox. People who owned house before us burned mesquite wood and cracked it. We are trying to get prices. I feel an urgency to at least to try and 'batten up the hatches.'
  22. HELP, again!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering how to can if there is no electricity or gas (no gas on our street--cost prohibited to bring in here) or an EMP hits. I am not borrowing problems but how would I can outside, what on, and how to keep a steady and regulated temperature. I have 2 presto canners but neither have the temp dial--just the 10,15,20 weight gauge. I figured the canner would be too heavy to use on a barbecue grill. Could you make a firepit, and put a grill on it (using wood)? I don't have a wood stove. I know that there are several good canning experts on here, and I need help desperately. Never even thought about it until I started learning to make cheese, etc. If I can't figure it out, I guess we will have a giant cookout for neighborhood. The temperature is what concerns me.
  23. Welcome mom2one!! I hope you learn as much as I have on here. It sounds like you really have a good start on the knowledge and experience front. There are many good threads on here. When you get the time, set back and enjoy.
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