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  1. just canned 9 pints of turnips and 9 pints of pickled beets. Why am I so tired after canning?
  2. I understand there are a lot of reasons to go low carb. My husband found he was gluten intolerant when I was doing the 30 day diabetes cure which eliminates all grains. We now can eat small amounts of gluten free grains but if we eat too much we both get sick. I have a family of six and staying under 800 a month is a challenge. I do know I get a lot of my food from Costco because it is just cheaper. Now that we don't eat many grains we eat a whole lot more eggs. I buy five dozen every two weeks for only around 7 dollars and 50 cents. I also save a ton buying all my cheese and milk there
  3. I was diagnosed with lupus 10 yrs ago. At the time I was drinking and eating lots of diet products. My Naturopath told me to cut it out immediately and to cut out non hydrogenated fats. I had an almost overnight decrease in the amount of joint pain and swelling.......
  4. Over the last year I have started to learn about using essential oils and herbal remedies to treat my families ailments. Of course the problem with essential oils is you realllllly have to research companies because some mix other things in with there "pure" oil and they are allowed to do that as long as they have I think 51 or 52 percent of the actual oil in the product. With that said I have been using Paine essential oil from Butterfly Express and it is wonderful! It really helps with different types of pain. I use it on my feet for arthritis pain. Of course my arthritis may be cause
  5. My family gets most of it's meat from wild game. My husband and oldest son hunt deer, elk, and antelope. I know they would not go after a 'sick' looking animal unless we were starving. I also know I prefer game meat. We butcher it ourselves so we can control what goes into the burger and how fresh it is when we freeze it. I won't even buy burger in the strore now that I know what they probably throw in there. You cook it like beef, however; you just need to realize it is really lean so sometimes you have to cook the roast longer in your crockpot or add oil to the pan. I have also foun
  6. 7 pints of dilly beans, 11 quarts of green beans...
  7. Do you have a recipe for the venison sausage? I hesitate to use my usual one because it contains sage and I was told sage makes a bitter sausage in the canner. thank you! I'm with you, I just started canning our venison for that reason and because we had a mild freezer scare!
  8. Just canned 14 quarts of pinto beans, 5 quartz of stew meat, and 7 quarts of elk burger..... I was tired!
  9. very interesting article. Thanks for posting
  10. Did full inventory on my preps. Now I realize were all my holes are! I wish I had unlimited income so I could patch them quick. I know I only started prepping a little over a year ago, and I know I have come a long way to securing some measure of safety for my family, but I am still so far off.....
  11. I think both are very valuable skills. I learned how to knit from my grandmother. The thought of having to learn knitting from a book seems very difficult, however; that is how I started to quilt. Now I wasn't very good until I took a class on quilting, however; I was doing it. I don't know how well I would be at knitting if I only had a book. My thoughts are maybe take the knitting class and find a second hand book on quilting, something easy, such as log cabin perhaps, and learn as you go. Either class is very valuable though. I have taken four classes on quilting so far and they have
  12. I am so envious! I still have snow in my garden, of course I am above 5300 feet. I wont be able to plant till after may 31. I so want to though!
  13. I'm envious I need to start one of those too. Good job.
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