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  1. We got rid of credit cards quite a while back too - you do pay more in the long run. Plus, not having credit card debt helps you sleep better too! Both DH and I noticed that change right away. We use only cash and thankfully DH got a great bonus this year, not a ton but more than we expected for a little company. Plus, we bought useful things for the boys (clothing and boots) and Legos and stuff like that for toys last - no battery operated stuff here either. New Year!
  2. I've been thinking about this some more and I'll add that we are starting to plan our garden for this spring - it's not easy keeping a garden watered when you have to haul your water but we're working on ways around that issue. We're going to be (finally) getting chickens and a milk goat. I'm learning about making cheeses and kefir and am planning a herb garden as well. I'll continue cooking from scratch and also, like has been said in other's posts, trying to find more ways to cut back on any frivolous spending. We have no credit cards so that helps a lot to deter that too. I met a lady a few weeks ago who is the pres. of the SAS in SD and they have pistol training twice a month so that is on my to do list as well. One of my top priorities is to get rid of any uncessary things and really simplify our lives.
  3. Just found this thread - so thankful you aren't broken and that your grson was there to help! Praying for a speedy recovery!
  4. I got DH a brass tumbler/case cleaner - whatever you want to call it. He is going to use the $$$ my mom sent him to get some media and a few parts for his reloading equipment. The only thing prep minded I got was a book on food storage/survival - posted about it in another thread. I have no idea on what I might spend the $$ I got but I'm browsing different sites for prep stuff. Glad you folks had a nice Christmas!
  5. Great idea for a thread Stephanie! My plan is to be healthier and in better physical condition - I believe that is the one of the top things I can do in order to be bigger help to my dh and for our little family team. As for prepping - I'm going to spend this weekend organizing, taking inventory and planning and then I'll be doing some more shopping. I got a copy of Peggy Layton's book - Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook for Christmas and I'm getting some good ideas from the book (plus I'm going to buy some copies for some family members). Thanks for starting this thread!
  6. We keep fire extinguishers in the kitchen, barn, garage, near the fireplace/pellet stove and in our vehicles. Glad you weren't hurt and no major damage happened!
  7. http://www.canracks.com/ Don't know that this has been posted anywhere else here, except for where I'm posting it, so please excuse me if it is a duplicate.
  8. http://www.canracks.com/ I'm going to paste this link in a couple of places so everyone can see it. Hope it's helpful,
  9. Will certainly be praying for her!
  10. Here's what is predicted for our area today.... Today: Bitterly cold. Snow showers. Dangerous wind chills may approach -30F. High -2F. Winds NNW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 60%. 1 to 2 inches of snow expected. We didn't get much snow last night but it is cold and the wind is howling - thankfully though the power is on and we have heat so no complaining just sharing. I sure hope the folks in the New England states get their power back on quickly - I hope that someone is watching out for the elderly, the ill and the little ones! Have a beautiful Sunday!
  11. I had just sent you a PM about what I thought was a mix-up! LOL! Thanks a bunch!!! I'll listen to it today while I'm baking! Merry Christmas!!
  12. Rita - will be praying for you and your family! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. Darlene - that's a wonderful offer - I'll be praying that the ex will be able to help out with a Christmas miracle! to all!
  13. Forgive me if I missed this anywhere else in the thread but...isn't the Pension something that comes from the company you work/worked for, not the govt? So, it's not a handout, more like the original IRA? TIA
  14. Glad I saw this - I checked and had five pages worth of PMs! GEEZ! Thanks
  15. I can't listen to him on my radio at my house (doesn't come in). I could listen to him on AOL radio but I'm usually working at that time and can't have him on. AOL Radio is free and it's a great way to listen to our fave talk shows without static
  16. Cricket said: Quote: For example, one of the things I plan is to keep a real low profile, blocking light from peeping out my windows at night so we aren't so noticable. We are pretty fortunate to live in a very rural area. However, when we moved here there is a street light in the driveway - we had the power company come and install a remote control switch to the light and we just keep it off. It's really an annoying light that shines through the windows. When it's off and there's no moon it is impossible to see the outline of our house. I love it like that! Great idea Deerslayer!
  17. I miss Glenn! We haven't had TV since April (when we moved) and I haven't been able to watch him. We're planning on getting satellite after we sell the other house and land - So, hopefully we can watch again soon!
  18. Thanks Darlene - I'm going to pass that on to family and friends!
  19. The chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache.
  20. Shandy - excellent idea! I can only imagine the outcry from censorship of any form, at least I hope that it causes those who would censor a lot of problems.
  21. Thanks for this post Darlene - in case any one didn't notice I haven't really been on here in a while. I replied to something in the outhouse a few nights ago but I've mostly stayed out of discussions because of the hatefulness and attacks. I've missed being here but just am too busy with real life stuff to deal with unneccessary baggage coming from people I've never even laid eyes on. Anyway - thanks for reminding everyone what MrsS is all about and thanks again for all the hard work you do and the work done by the admins and moderators - you folks are awesome!
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