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Interesting again!! I find that a lot of foreigners don't like trifle, especially the Europeans. Very strange, it's one of my favourites!

English trifle

Break up some trifle sponges and put in a glass bowl (trifle sponge can be any sponge cake, but is best made like a genoese sponge). Add fresh or thawed frozen raspberries. Sprinkle over sherry or orange juice, according to taste, and leave to soak in for an hour or two. Meanwhile, make a custard with milk, egg and sugar, cool, then pour over the sponge and fruit. When cold, top with whipped double (heavy) cream, and decorate with split almonds, angelica and glace cherries.

Children's trifle

Put sponge and fruit in a bowl and pour over a made up jelly (Jello, I think). Leave to set. Top with cream as above, and decorate.

Scots trifle.

Break up sponge and put in bowl with raspberries. Sprinkle over whisky, and leave to soak in. top with lots of whipped dopuble (heavy) cream wo which you have added whisky and a little sugar. Leave undecorated.

There you are - take your pick!! My favourite is the Scots trifle, but it's not for the faint-hearted! You don't need to put in a lot of whisky, but I do like to be able to taste it!!


Other fruit can be used if liked - strawberries, etc, and some people used tinned custard. Some leave out the custard, or the fruit or whatever.

The recipes above can be easily adapted to your own taste, but I believe them to be as authentic as they could be.

happy trifling - I'd like to know what you think if you make it.

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That's how I make English sherry trifle too except I split the trifle sponges and spread them with strawberry jam (jelly) and I prefer it made with peaches.

I've never tried Scots trifle lowlander - my husband would like that very much smile.gif

There's a childrens trifle too that's made with sponge, jello and **blancmange** Oh no - how do I describe blancmange - I can't believe you have it as I'm sure no other country in the world would force anything quite that revolting on their children grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif Help lowlander, how in the world do I describe blancmange grin.gif

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Blancmange - a cold opaque milk pudding made from milk and cornflour, often fruit flavoured, and sweetened with sugar. Usually amde in a mould to turn out on to serving dish.


How's that - anyone any the wiser?!

I love blancmange. Yum.



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