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Christmas pudding

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the modern pudding is a variation on an ancient English pudding called frumenty, made with wheat and fruit. These days, it is a very rich fruit pudding (yes, containing more alcohol!) which is steamed for several hours to cook it. The steaming results in a lovely moist pudding. Ingredients include dried fruit, flour, suet, sugar, eggs, rum. nuts. etc. I always add a tablespoon or so of very dark cocoa which makes it even richer. It is poured over with brandy or rum which is then set alight as the pudding is taken to the table. It is served with cream, custard or rum/brandy butter.



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Hey Lowie....me again......i know....stop buggin you....

Do you have flavored(chocolate/van/butterscotch) pudding in boxes (jello brand) that you mix with milk and cook?

Thats what i think of as pudding......yours seems more like a cake....because of the flour/eggs.....is it similar at all?

(i sure love reading all your recipes and traditions....thanks Reci for askin and Lowie for answering!)




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Second attempt! I just wrote out a very good reply to this, hit the wrong button and it completely disappeared, maybe my knitting got in the way! Anyway......

A pudding in Britain is usually a sweet course served at the end of a meal, also called dessert, afters or sweet. We have those boxed ones here, and they would be called puddings because they would be served after the main course. To confuse the issue, we also have savoury puddings - steak and kidney, etc, then there are black puddings and those of that ilk.

A savoury pudding, except black pudding which is made from blood in a sausage casing, then boiled to cook it, is made with suet pastry and steamed to cook it.

If you baked the Christmas pudding mixture in the oven, it would turn out drier in texture and like a cake. The Christmas pudding is steamed, which gives it a very moist, rich tecture, therefore a pudding.

It is confusing, to people over here as well. Hope you get the gist of it anyway!



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