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Bird Flu-US Prepares for Worse Case Scenario


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The danger in his scenario, is that it plays out in 6 to 8 weeks, while all the Scientists are saying 3 waves with the second being the worst.

With his assumption, everyone will drop their guard and will quickly move us into the second wave. The third wave should be the lightest of the three.

Please don't allow this to happen to you, get ready for the second wave..........

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Lois, that is precisely what will make it hard to manage. I've heard the three waves can run as long as 3 years. Quarantining for that long would be close to impossible and gauging when it's safe to come out between waves would be a challenge.


Do you or others have any ideas on how this could be best managed? I'm all ears.

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The way they are expecting it, is that it will die down giving us a window to prepare, we should be able to go out using proper precautions, until we hear of the next outbreak, which will likely come with next flu season. Then it's quarantine again. The third wave will come about the same way

That is what I understood


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I hear you, Lois. It would be tricky, wouldn't it.


What would you (or others here) consider "proper precautions" to take if going out in public again during the quarantine wave period?


I know that wearing a mask is one option, but I've read the mask doesn't really help protect people from getting the flu. It supposedly is better for the infected person to wear as it helps contain the germs and keep them from spreading.


Of course, there's the sensible option of wearing gloves and/or washing hands often. Avoiding placing fingers near eyes or mouth. Trying to avoid crowds.


Taking vitamin C and herbal concoctions to strengthen the immune system. My doctor told me that taking really high amounts of vitamin A this time of year is a good thing. Since overdosing on A can be toxic he said to monitor if I get any overdose symptoms (nausea, etc.) and drop the dose, if needed. So far I haven't done this.


Aside from these options, does anyone have other ideas on how to lower one's own risk?



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Those plus attempting to go when there are fewer people to come into contact with.

If at all possible to have just 1 person doing the shopping for several would help keep the numbers out and about to a minumum. But they should probably shop with at least 1 other person from the area for mutual protection from preditors.

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