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Hellllooooo!!!! (echo echo echo echo) Wow, this IS an empty place. Wonder where everyone is?


Hey (hey hey hey hey) Could we get some company here? Schoolmarm, Jo and I are feeling just a little bit lonely.


I'm putting out a plea. I know that there's a lot of tension in your lives now and the need to prepare seems to have gotten overwhelming to a lot of people but now is not the time to give up on this Manual. Indeed, now is JUST the time we need to work on it. Whether you are a seasoned prepper or just new to it, this manual could be invaluable to survival. Yes, I know there's other survival and preparation manuals out there, but the Mrs. S manual will contain information from people you have come to know and care for and when the



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Guest Guest

I'm being naughty...


There, I've confessed.


I've been swamped with issues here at home, that the best I can do is get through all the forums on a daily basis and post as much as I can...no I haven't forgotten, yes it's always nagging and I apologize for my tardiness. I wish life would just SLOW DOWN for a few moments...


Thanks for the reminder.

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I haven't gotten alot done on my part but am going to make a pot of coffee this evening and stay up and do some more work on it. I may have to get some help on it if I don't make alot more progress tonight. I certainly don't want to be a big hold up!


Thanks for the nice, gentle kick in the pants to get us going again

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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