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Nurse with suspected BF


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This one is the info about the nurse:







A new online discussion forum has been launched to assist all U.S. states in preparing for a potential bird flu pandemic


Stanton, CA (PRWEB) June 2, 2006 -- A new online discussion forum has been launched to assist all U.S. states in preparing for a potential bird flu pandemic. This new community planning forum is comprised of individual state forums, which now allow people to easily plan and communicate with others located within their same area. Online forums are known for the usefulness as they provide for real time discussion.


“The Government has made it clear that they will not be able to provide assistance to the public during an H5N1 pandemic because of the overall enormity of this type of crisis. In an effort to assist community planning on all levels, we have created a new online forum that is based on location, which is the single most important factor when connecting people together,” said Ryan Evans, owner of the website. “For people to affectively plan, they need to be able to communicate with others located within their own general area.”


The new non-profit website has been developed in a collaborative effort by a group of volunteers who hold the title of State Coordinator. The Coordinators, who are easily identified on this forum, are available to answer questions and to give guidance to all members seeking help.


Whether you would like to stay up to date on the latest pandemic flu developments, or if you would like to participate in community planning, this new site has it all. For those interested in learning more, this new website can now be viewed at: www.PandemicHelp.org .





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Thanks for the links. This could be the start of it, especially since this nurse was not related to the patients. That seems to dispel the theory that transmission is limited to blood relatives due to some sort of genetic link. Looks like it may be sooner rather than later.

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FOUR sick nurses, all of them having had contact with BF victims from the two latest clusters. They test negative, so far.


The WHO has said that they fear that the BF situation, in Indonesia, may get out of control.


Please go and finish your preps!

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