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Strange Namibian Illness Baffles Dr's


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The Symptoms

"Victims typically suffer from lower-limb weaknesses, acute paralysis, breathing difficulties, chest pain, cold and flu, neck stiffness, headache and dizziness."



The H5N1 blog I read



says that in ferrets H5N1 caused paralysis in the hind legs of ferrets. The symptoms of this illness listed COLD AND FLU as symptoms???!!! the book the Great Influenza mentions neurological symptoms, as well as inflamation of the brain, which could explain the neck stiffness. I am seriously concerned about this one!

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What bothers me most about this is that it's not the ONLY strange illness to pop up around the world, so far in limited numbers and in isolated cases but it sure does cause a worry.


Even if this proves not to be H5N1, we were told that it might not necessarily be the Avian flu virus that would cause a pandemic, but that we were sure to HAVE one soon. Again, it's not what they ARE saying but what they AREN'T saying. It's hard to fight an unseen enemy.


Thanks for the post Becca



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Guest Guest

We had some cases of polio in the us last year. Indiana I believe. Some Amish kids came down with it. Absolutly senseless. So much in life we cannot do a thing about tragic when we see a preventable disease strike

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