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Possible reason for ignoring the Bird Flu?

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I *think* it was Paul Harvey this week I heard on the radio talking about people ignoring "threats".


His point was that there was such a fuss about the "West Nile Virus" and the horror it could/would bring to people, and how it never happened in the extremes the "experts" predicted.


It ended up being more like the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and the Bubonic plague... dangerous to the individual exposed to it, but relatively harmless to the masses.


He commented on a guy who said he'd decided not to get so worried about things like that until they became a reality.


It just made me think... maybe there's just been so much overkill about such diseases that most people just are ignoring it all.




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Cat, I think that's true. Personally, I'm just not that worried about the Bird Flu. I pray I'm right about it. But at the same time I'm not going to bury my head in the sand and not try to be prepared.


My worries are more in the line of man made diseasters, such as economic collapse, nuclear war, oil peak, etc. The things that all governments should have made top priorities long ago to prevent.


But the good thing about prepping for the biggies, is if the smaller things happen you are also prepared for those. I know if the BF wiped out someone's entire family, it's a biggie to them, and I don't mean to make it sound like it would be nothing if it hit in this country. I know if and when it does, I'll be the first one to board myself up in my house as much as possible and I'd be wearing a mask on my face and surgical gloves if I had to go out.


I pray we're all a bunch of nuts!



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This is one area I can understand people sticking their heads in the sand over. Illness has been reduced to this mystery terror that only men in lab coats can deal with. We've, well.... cordened off the whole dealig with sickness. We stay away from it, and refuse to see it. My gran dealt with illness, (simple to terminal) death, and more... but she (and the rest of the family) dealt with it together. Every moment was a moment the family hung together to ride out the attack. Now? we're told to leave it to the pros and avert our eyes.


I will admit that while I am concerned about the AF, and I'm taking the time to do my research... it doesn't fill my waking nightmares. The places that are going to be seriously hit... if anyone is, are gonna be the crowded cities. Contamination is a real concern there. Once something truely virilant gets started in someplace like New York or Chicago where people are packed in on each other... it could go bad in a hurry. In the more rural areas, I think (hope and pray) we'll be okay. The worry there will be the elderly, infants, and the infirm. Just like every other illness, it will hit the weakest first. But with enough common sense, I think we'll be okay.


'Course, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, so hon and I are doing what we can to:

A) Get HEALTHY. Walking, some working out, lots of fresh air and fresh food. A healthy body is harder to take down than a weak one.

B) Be sensible. Basic preps (and a few that would make life a little easier on both patient and caregiver) are laid in.

C) We're taking first aide courses together (he is already a certified Red Cross man) and I'm learning all I can about home remedies.

D) Pray and wait and see. because one you have done the first three... its the only thing you have left. And I refuse to get scared. Life is tough enough without borrowing more heartburn. (It would just use up my rolaid preps anyway!)

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So much to agree on here, I agree with Unikemom's post wholeheartedly!


I'm also more concerned with our economy and UN involvement, etc. (the man-made disasters as Kaye said!)


Magpie's response is right on too! Work to improve your immune system, etc. I wonder about the sincerity of the "pros" too; more and more we're hearing "We're from the government and we're here to help" type talk and there are far too many people willing to let them "help".


Too many people just want to keep their rose-colored glasses on and believe things like a pandemic can't possibly happen (ignorance is bliss).


Remember PIE - Preparedness Is Empowerment (can't remember which MrsS lady to quote on this) is the mantra of MrsS

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