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Missing in action


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We seem to have lost all of Nana's posts.

We really need to get the info that she posted on $25 WEEKLY PREP LIST FOR FLU AND FIRST AID HOME TREATMENTS back. I have the first part saved.


I can't find any of her posts in the Are We really Ready forum either.


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Thank God.. I thought I was going to go nuts.. I was trying to find out what her alias was! So Nana has disappeared as well.. NANA come out come out where ever you are!!!!!!

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I have up through week fifteen I believe, at least through the sick room. Her posts on $20 a week food stock up are in the post on stocking up food in the Manual Forum so we've salvaged them at least. It's my hope that she has them all saved herself. Knowing Nana and how organized she is, I'd almost bet she does. Maybe she can just give them back to us all at once. I sure hope so, I will be royally, well,,,,,

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I had an email from Nana (see the Sunporch)and she's not been able to get on to the site. I can't help but wonder who else might not be able to get in. It really does remind me of what might happen if TSHTF for real.


We've heard from Nana this time but what if the flu does hit and whole families die, there might be no way of knowing if a member succumbed to the flu even if we still retained the net. Kind of scary to think of people just dissapearing never to be heard from again and never knowing what happened to them for sure.


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