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1967-68 hong kong flu


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Do you remember it?

In 1967 I was 6 and contracted the Hong Kong flu as it ripped through s. Calif. I was very ill. My entire family, Mom and Dad and two brothers all got it within a week. Everyone on my block had it within two. The little girl (a play buddy) down the road died of it.

My Mom kept a clear head and kept us clean, comfortable and with fluids and we came through okay.

My memories of it are very vague, of course. But, it seemed like everybody had it.


I dread something like that coming back...

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In 67 I was 1 Everybody in my family had the flu except my mom and I. She had cancer at the time, and had enough Chemo while she was pregnant with me I never get anything. No chicken pox, colds, flu nothing. I'm hoping my immunity is still intact.

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Back in the 60's they did, along with anti seizure meds and a whole slu of other meds. My children on the other hand didn't inherite my immune system, but they were born with all their fingers and toes.

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