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  1. I ordered some of the new #10 cans of prep stuff walmart has now and a stand of lard, etc...it came fedex in large brown UNMARKED boxes. It's good and it's lots cheaper than EE and the others that mark their stuff in bold letters on the boxes. Plus delivery is only .97 if you order 45.00 or more in stuff from them. It's not a bad deal all the way around. Q - who's glad to have a puter again
  2. Thanks everyone...hard to get online still at times. Very busy here still with clean up, flooding, and still NO garden spot tilled. Ground is so saturated that it's taking weeks to dry out. Already past our prime planting date here of May 1st. I hope we are at least able to get it tilled up b4 it rains again. Who knows..,we may even get it planted! Birthday was great,,,,,,NO RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Q
  3. Thank you so much! It was a pretty good day today. Even if I did turn the big 50 LOL! Q
  4. Happy Birthday Darlene!! I hope you had a great day!!
  5. came through here too...just getting internet back. Tornados, flooding is bad, bad, bad. We are up on a hill and we even got flooded. Our garden was almost all planted...now it's a total loss and we will have to start over. But praise Him through it all because we still are on the top side of the grass!! Q
  6. We are much the same here Darlene...wanting to only live on what we can produce or kill ourselves for food. It means giving up some things like chips and such, but that's okay. I'd rather stick around awhile! Q
  7. Hi everyone..no I didn't drop off the face of the Earth. It has just been "different" around here lately and we are struggling just to keep ourselves upright and sane at this point. And now gardening season has begun and we are trying our best to get ours planted. Only have half done now and it takes up most of our back yard...1/3 of an acre maybe? I don't know for sure, just that it's as big as it can get lol!! Anyways, once things settle back down, I will be back to writing too. I just can't do it now, I wont post something that Ihaven't fully researched or put my whole heart into...
  8. I tried it and it works like this...use edit right above the picture. When you go to edit there are lots of buttons, but there is one on the right hand side in the box with the picture. It is a slide that goes from a little hill to a big mountain. Just slide it over to 100% or anywhere you want it! If you can't get yours to work, let me know and I will pm you the pw to mine and you can do it there. I already uploaded your pic lol. And what you did for the little guy is just great! Q
  9.   August 12 - the Valley I didn't much feel like doing anything today. Still hurting over the loss of my friend, I prayed long and hard that they would make it to their new destination safely and would be able to get word back here by some kind of miracle that they were okay. Hubby got up with the children and made breakfast while I stayed in bed just a bit longer today. I laid there, listening to the sounds of my family gathering around the breakfast table without me. I worried about how they would make it if something happened to me. If I left them suddenly. I figured they would go
  10. Glad to see you made it back home okay! Q
  11. Okay ladies, I'll try. I wont promise anything but when I read what Martha and mt3b had both written, and others too, I felt like I was letting yall down. And I can't do that. But please do remember...it's spring. Our garden will be tilled up this week and the planting begins in earnest on Thursday. So I might be pretty busy here and I wont be able to post as much with all the work to be done. But I will try. Just for ya'll. Q
  12.   Sunday August 8th - The Valley Well it's been THE saddest day here in the Valley. My long time friend and helper, the one I had come to depend on for help here has left the valley. Her and all of her family picked up and left within days of receiving a letter from her brother. I can't say as I blame her, but I will miss her more than words could ever say. She had become my "sister" almost. Closer than some family with what all we had gone through. So when they note came that she would be leaving today came, I rushed to make plans to see her off. I had no idea they would leave at fi
  13. And I cried too when you left the valley Mother. I don't know if I can write anymore after that. Really. I just don't know.... With all my love... Q
  14.     August 5 - The Valley Just a short note tonight since we are all tired and worn to a frazzle. We have all been busting behinds to get hay/wood/food in for the winter. The greenhouse is up and attached securely. I am slowly filling it with seedlings and plants for the winter. I am also doing canning and drying food most of the days with laundry thrown in for good measure. Ruth is proving to be invaluable to me. She has been doing the lions share of the meal preparations here lately. You would think she was a housewife instead of just 12 years old! I just thank the good Lord t
  15.   August 3 - the valley We got a note from SF and mt3b's today and it seems their younger ones have gotten the chicken pox! Well I agreed we needed to get herb and such gathered before the next wagon train got in. So we will go this Friday for that. I sent a note explaining that we will still bring the children with us. They don't remember ever having "spots that itched" on them at all. So we will bring them, let the be exposed and if possible, get the pox. It will save them from the possibility of getting it later in life which could be deadly. LOL I remember when I was little and h
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