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Timely for Memorial Day


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Blessed Memorial Day!

May we never forget the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom.





I stand before you all today

But not one eye can see my way.

My time arrived, to leave this earth

A fact so planned, to every birth.

It happened where I had to go


My torch for life was so aglow.

I transferred while in uniform

Protecting freedom, through a storm.

Should I resent I died for you

Not my life, red, white, and blue.

Please help my family through each day


Tell all my friends, try not to stray.

And of the country I did love

Do think of me, through God above.

Your memories, brought for this day

Send love to us, who could not stay.


By Roger J. Robicheau

Former SP5 US Army 2001[/font]

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