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64 Years Ago - June 6, 1944


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This is a salute in memory of my late uncle Philip "Buck" Lolar who as a scared 19 year old jumped into the darkness over the Normandy countryside with the rest of his buddies of the 82nd Airnorn Division to begin The Longest Day and the start of the liberation of Europe.


So many of those young men never saw another day and so many more of those who did are no longer with us.


The quote I have at the bottom from Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld is especially appropriate today.


Pay tribute to those men and women of that generation. We are free today because they did their duty despite being scared and wanting to be anywhere but at the end of a parachute or wading ashore under fire.


Thank You All.

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To many of my sons paternal ancestors back to Culloden in Scotland, to my father ( korea), to my fathers father(WW2), to my son today, USMC, to his future wife,Penny who will go soon to Iraq most likely), to all who have served in every war that has kept us free and United.*S, I only served during peacetime but I care so much!

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