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Krepples Recipe

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I found two different opinions on Krepples.




Subject: RE: BS: First meeting of strange foods anonymous

From: catspaw49

Date: 05 Jul 01 - 02:53 PM


Not to worry Dave....You're in good company. My Dad had grown up during the depression in an already poor family and perhaps it was nostalgia, but my childhood was filled with weird meats that he had eaten then because they were virtually free. Some of those I still like myself and one of the things known as "Scrapple" by the Pennsylvania Dutch still tops my list of favorite breakfast meats(?). Basically, it's the all the meat boiled off the head of a hog and ground then mixed with cornmeal and put in a loaf. You then slice it and fry it. Here in east Ohio, we call it "Krepples" but it's also affectionately called "Pig Lips."



This one is a bread.








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We make Krepples.  Which is a soup broth with hand made pasta and hamburger inside.  It’s almost like a ravioli but instead of pasta sauce or Alfredo, they are cooked in noodle soup broth and eaten as a soup.

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