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What a morning.

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This morning I got up at my normal time of 3:40 am and woke up my girls a little before 4.

DD1 and I have to be to work at 5. I called in and told my employer that the doctor will let me come back to work tomorrow. which is great considering he (the doctor) thought it would take weeks for me to get movement back in my shoulder and arm. Although I still don't have full range of movement and will have to have some physical therpy.

DD2 had to be at the school at 5:30 to leave for her trip to Colorado( prayers for thier safety)


So as I was waiting for the girls to get ready I looked over at the sofa and saw a big balloon octopus and smaller balloon lady bug.

Son went weight lifting with a friend of ours who is a juggler for Jesus last night.

Juggler friend takes Son and DD2 with him when he needs some extra help. I guess they are expanding their talents.


I got DD1 to work on time DD2 is on her way and I can now chill with my new friends ballon octopus and lady bug.

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Juggler friend took Son and DD2 with him to the Friend Fest and thier job was to show kids how to spin plates.

My kids are now plate spinners. :lol:


Son told me that he and juggler friend are going to another fest in August. A ballon artist is going to teach them balloon art and Son is going do balloon art to sale at the fest and they will split the profit.


Yes Cat I'm very luckly to have 4 young christain men in my Son's life that are very intentional in their friendship with my Son and have a strong desire to speak the love of God into my Son's life.

They are showing him you can be cool and love God. :wub:

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