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  • 4 months later...

Sadie the dog was unhappy when I told her that it's Christmas.

We would have to put up with sappy romantic comedies until our disaster movies return. She didn't think much of that idea but surprisingly my Son likes and will watch the sappy movies with me.
He just makes fun of our love of disaster movies and leaves the room.

Last weekend I was can't get out of bed sick and it has drug on all week. I did make it to work but did nothing around the house including clean sheet day. I have barely got the bed made each day.

Yesterday I got up feeling like I might want to live so I did laundry, cleaned my bedroom and both bathrooms. Then I ran out of energy. It was a very kick butt virus and even after a week I'm still not 100%.

Sadie and I decided we would watch a sappy movie but image our surprise and joy when we found the movie "12 Disasters of Christmas" so of course we had to watch it. Sadie even got off the chair and came over to the sofa where I was so she could see the TV better.
Dh came in and ask what we were watching so we told him. I had to repeat the title 3 times before he believed me. He rolled his eyes.

Today after church DH went to take a nap so Sadie grudgingly said she would sleep on the chair while I watched a sappy movie with my Son.
After the sappy movie she was overjoyed to find out "Christmas Twister" was up next.
Near the end of the movie DH got up and ask what we were watching so I told his "Christmas Twister".
He just sighed and said "Really?"

I don't understand his lack of Christmas cheer.

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