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My secret addiction


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My dog Sadie and I have an addiction. We like bad disaster movies. Sadie likes Ice quake best and I like Meteor Storm.
We watch the movies on Saturday's when the kids are out doing teenagers things.
Sadie is a old dog, She has had one stroke and she's not very sparky anymore so this is a great time of bonding for us.

Last Saturday the kids were gone and DH was on the computer so Sadie and I sat down to watch Super Cyclone a movie we haven't seen yet on Syfy.
We were happy to get our addiction fix. :hapydancsmil:

Soon we realized the guide was wrong, :( They had a bad shark movie playing. Two headed shark attack. Now when I saw the movie Jaws about half way thru I was hoping the shark would eat me I was so board. I'm not a shark movie person.

With in the 1st five minutes of the movie the shark ate 2 water skiers and everyone in the boat pulling them. Soon there was a yacht of collage students with their Professor near a atoll. The body count was up to 8,9 and 10. Sadie should have believed me when I told her they would be next. The 2 headed shark was hitting the atoll to sink it to get the rest of the "snacks". :puzzledsmile: It was bad, we didn't believe anything about the movie. How stupid could it get?. :groooansmileyf:

When 15, 16 17 and 18 were being eaten, 16 had just emptied a gun into the shark at point blank range to no effect. DH took off the head phones and asked me what was that growling/roaring sound. WE told him it was the shark. One head was roaring and the other growling. DH said he didn't think sharks did that. Sadie agreed with him.

So Sads and I was telling him about how bad the movie was all he said was 'and yet you're still watching it" :huh:
I told him its Sadie she wanted to see it.

He looked at the dog and asked me if she was even breathing. <_<

Up next sharktopus. :sigh:
I had enough of mostly naked twenty somethings, bad acting, and fake blood so I told Sads no.
It's either Chopped or Say yes to the dress. At least they are believable.

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I don't usually like the scary ones. I remember being dragged to see "Jaws" by a guy when we were on a double date. I found out later that he & the other guy went to see it FIRST so THEY wouldn't be scared! And the scene where bodies pop up or out of a sunken boat scared them both! :shakinghead:


I was a disappointment. I don't scare at movies and I sure didn't cling to him in fear!!! :24:

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Did you see Sharknado? That was the most ridiculous movie...but for some reason I watched it because I wanted see how it ended, lol! And, it's going to have a sequel.....a lot of people really liked it.....

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Oh man, I so WANT to see Sharknado! Darn this stupid job that has caused me to miss this soon to be classic of "films so bad they're great!"


As for you and your dog Sadie watching bad movies on the scifi channel, I usually wait until a night when everyone is out of the house and I have an Everest sized mountain of laundry to fold on the couch and then I'll turn on the tv. My cats wander in and out, but they simply don't have the taste or attention span of your Sadie!


I need a dog!

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I have been home the last 2 days with a very bad ear infection. :fever:
I slept through most of yesterday.
Today I wasn't as sleepy but the ear is more painful then it was yesterday.

Dh was at work, Son is taking 2 classes this summer so he doesn't have to take them his Senior year, DD1 went down to her boyfriend's house so they could go to a wedding this weekend and DD2 went to West Virginia with her BFF family so it was just Sadie the dog and me at home.
I can't drive and couldn't do anything without falling over I turned on the TV.
Imagine our joy when we found a Disaster movie marathon on SyFy. :runcirclsmiley2:

We watched my favorite Meteor Storm and a new one for us Metal Tornado.
Half way thru the movie DH came home and started making comments about the science being off.
Well that made Sadie so mad she got up from the sofa and moved to the chair where she couldn't watch the movie.

I told her while DH was right about the science she didn't have to get mad and move.
DH just look at me and said the dog only moved to be under the fan. She's old and the heat is getting to her.
Dogs don't watch movies.

I told her don't listen to him, he doesn't understand our addiction .
Sadie's new favorite movie is Metal Tornado but he's right about her not looking so good and she is very old for a dog.

When I talked to DD2 about the dog not being around much longer she said " we would be sad when Sadie is gone but don't worry she(DD2) would watch the disaster movies with me.


Wait I did't tell DD2 about our addtiction. :scratchhead: Sadie can't keep her mouth shut. :sigh: The cat's out of the bag.

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Wait I did't tell DD2 about our addtiction. :scratchhead: Sadie can't keep her mouth shut. :sigh: The cat's out of the bag.


Something tells me that life is never boring at the "gofish" house... :scratchhead::shrug::shakinghead:


:24: :24: :24:






Ya gotta laugh, so ya don't cry... :)

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As I was flipping through the channels last night I saw a movie title so bad I almost stopped to watch. (I'm secretly in love with B grade horror movies). It was called "Arachnoquake". The info button said that a series of earthquakes released giant spiders all over Vegas. I might look to see when it comes on again.

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Big M, that sounds good to me. I love them too. B horror, sci-fi, disaster movies. The hookier hokier the better. Especially the old black and white ones.



Edited for spelling. :grinning-smiley-044:

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Ohh! I LOVE kung Fu!!! My favorite has a woman whose Kung Fu power is screaming! Fantastic!!


I think my favorite movie of all time (don't judge me here) is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's just so terrible!!!

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Ohh! I LOVE kung Fu!!! My favorite has a woman whose Kung Fu power is screaming! Fantastic!!


I think my favorite movie of all time (don't judge me here) is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's just so terrible!!!

Are we talking Kung Fu Hustle??!! That movie is hysterical. Dh and ds19 love it...so of course, I've had to sit through it a few times. :). And no judging on Rocky Horror...I remember standing in line with college friends singing the songs.



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That's the one!!


I went to a Halloween showing of RHPS with DH and a friend of ours a couple of years ago. We had SOOOOO much fun! DH and I dressed as Brad and Janet (in dr's coats) while my friend went as Magenta. Water guns, toast, news papers... such a good time!

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I love the old comedy movies - Ma and Pa Kettle, Blondie and Dagwood, Marx Brothers, Andy Hardy, etc.

And Mae West. TMC was having a marathon of her movies a couple of weekends ago. I made it through 2 before getting too sleepy to hold my eyes open.

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I grew up with 3 Stoogies. They seemed funny when you're 5. 'Course copying some of their antics got the disapproval of adults who finally had the sense to shut off this weird show. :wacko:


MtRider ....DH used to watch Monty Python. :blink: Definitely not my cuppa.....

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I like Ma and Pa Kettle. 3 Stooges are not my cup of tea either. Dh is into Benny Hill but I'm not so fond of crude humor.

DD2 and I were talking about going to the movie Into the Storm. I haven't to gone to a movie in a long time and bonding time with DD2 would be nice. So as we were discussing our girls night out I told her that it was unfortunate that Sadie the dog would have to miss going with us, you know her being a dog and all.

Dh over heard me and said we should just wait until it came out on DVD. We would save money and the dog could sleep watch it next to me like usual.
He in Skywarn so I don't know why he's so down on my favorite tornado type movies.

I don't know what to think about Sadie this summer. I was watching a disaster movie on Syfi and all Sadie wanted to do is sit in the chair on the front porch and watch to cars go by and bark at trucks.

She has no idea of fun lately.

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