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  1. Cheapest gas in my area is $3.99. Most places are in the $4.10-$4.15 range.
  2. Happy belated birthday! 🎂
  3. Hope you had a great birthday! You are missed!
  4. This was on the news today. Cubans and Haitians are being told not to come... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/dhs-chief-tells-cubans-haitians-not-to-come-to-us/ar-AAMc04j
  5. Wow Euphrasyne....that sounds really bad. Please take care of yourself. Yesterday I checked myself into a hotel room for an overnight away from home. I do this once a year for my mental health ....I read and sleep a lot... Literally 15 minutes before I was going to walk out the door I got a call that my mom was having another seizure episode related to her dementia and was being taken to the ER. This happens several times a month. I still went to the hotel because with COVID restrictions I can’t go into the hospital....because our cases are going back up again. I’m fortunate that she’s in a good facility because they handle everything...and she was back in her room in the early evening....and doesn’t remember any of it. Now that I’m back home I’m looking around and realize I have too much stuff. Always happens after I stay in a hotel.... Time to do some decluttering....
  6. Little sister, I would order now just because it might take a long time for delivery. I had to order a new recliner for my mom last summer...ordered in August and it didn’t come until end of November. Furniture store said they were having a lot of issues getting things delivered.
  7. Our blinds rocked back and forth and the couch jolted. My daughter called and said her apartment building was swaying and folks I know had waves in their pools. No damage near us though.
  8. Wellll.....I’m late to my own party, lol! Just seeing this now...thanks for the birthday wishes!
  9. Euphrasyne so glad you have good insurance. I continue to work for my good insurance.... Trying to get things done as early as possible. Yesterday was 102, today is supposed to be 106 and tomorrow 113. Deep watering my garden. I can’t deal with this heat. And just tired today. My mom had a bad night last night...called 12 times between 10pm last night and 8 am this morning looking for my stepdad who passed 20 years ago. Sigh.......
  10. High was 102 today but they’re predicting 111 for Saturday and Sunday. It can be tolerable if it cools down at night but I’m thinking it won’t.
  11. Mtr...so glad you didn’t get seriously hurt.
  12. Oh no euphrasyne! That looks so painful... hope you heal quickly.
  13. It’s 102 so it’s too hot to move now.... I volunteered at my local animal shelter and walk little dogs...did that early this morning. Right now watching the news about the swarm of earthquakes that hit California. We had blinds moving and the couch jolted but nothing major.
  14. Yes! I’m still celebrating my birthday from yesterday! I have Haagen Daz ice cream to share. And I’ll provide an activity....my family did paint pouring and we had a blast. I’ll bring paint, canvases and all the things so we can get our creative side on...
  15. We’ve always had a few days of it over the summer. Over the past five years or so it seems like more. It’s already started creeping up again. Starting this Thursday and going until Monday we’re supposed to have temps between 102 and 109. I’m not looking forward to that. Wildfires have started popping up...just not super close to us. I’m so glad about that.
  16. We had several times of 105-110 for days on a row. I just do everything early...cooking, laundry, etc. open the house in the morning...close it up by 10 am. Keep blinds/curtains closed. Heavy on the mulch in my garden...although I still had some tomatoes with sun scald and lost most of my nasturtiums. Make sure you and animals stay well hydrated. Sorry to hear about your rabbits.
  17. Hope you had a good one!
  18. What’s the difference between the leaf and the waving hand?
  19. I noticed that if you want to see exact totals you have to click on your profile.
  20. My mom paid into a long-term care policy for 15 years through the military. You can’t even buy something like that anymore. It has paid for her care in a nice facility near us for the past five years and it’s the only way we’ve survived her dementia. The money runs out in a little over a year… At that point she’ll have to move in with us and we will have to pay for someone to help with her. There’s nothing nearby that she’ll be able to afford...and we need to be able to see her regularly because we saw how much worse her dementia got over the past year when all we could do was talk on the phone or through a window. We took care of my father-in-law (who had dementia) for 2 1/2 months last year before he passed… It was hard. Really hard. My hope is that Mt. Rider and her family can figure something affordable out.
  21. Any word on mtriders dad?
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