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Mountain Man and I were out in Mennonite Country this weekend, and saw this neat building on a lot with several others. This one just absolutely flipped out switch, along with the chicken house & pen, and oh my...the green house! Every tme we see something like this we contemplate (again) selling ALL 3 houses, buying a plot of land with water & timber, having something like this set up moved in, and calling it our "homestead" when we're not on the RV road. We're wanting to do some more looking in Tennessee if we did do something like that. Anyhoo...here's some pics we took, thought you all would enjoy... (we have a camera in both vehicles and also our RV, as well as one hanging in the bedroom...LOL) Just never know what we might happen onto!

Oh...pay no mind to the date on the camera. Like I said, it's always in our van and I don't keep it updated! LOL

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