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Food saftey question-

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My mom is helping me make a roast chicken. I went to check on it after it had been in for about 40 mins, and found that the oven was off. I turned the oven on right then, but is it okay to have chicken out for 40 min like that. (The oven was warm from earlier cooking.)


Since it is less then the two hours, according to my mom it would be fine, but at the same time it is chicken that was left in a warm oven.

I know for a fact that is was only 40 min since I started a stop watch when I put the chicken in the oven.
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My feeling is just make sure it is thoroughly cooked and you should be fine. At least it wasn't sitting on the counter all that time. The previously heated oven should have provided a minor safe haven for the bird. Hopefully it is not a stuffed bird.

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