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Glad Press and Seal

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You might want to get a roll of this to add to your kit. I'm very sensitive to adhesives but can tolerate this on my skin, at least for short periods, without getting a bad rash. It is handy for occlusive dressings or to hold a drawing salve in place. You can also take a strip and wrap around a dressing over a wound on a limb to hold it in place.

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Would you be able to use elastic wrap [like ACE] or even tape if this was in place between the bandage and the tape/wrap? How do you react to Vet Wrap? How strong does this hold.



"occulusive" ???



Sounds like a great option. I'll pass this on to a friend with allergies to everything but water..... nearly.... Even allergic, eventually, to the frames of her glasses. Sheeeesh!



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No, I can't use vet wrap or ace type bandages of any sort because of a latex allergy.


Occlusive dressings are used on sucking chest wounds to keep the lung from collapsing, thought that is not something most people will have to deal with. They are also used on large burns along with an antibacterial ointment such as Silvadene cream. Keeping the air off the burn can help relieve pain and improve healing without the area drying out and cracking. Make sure the burned area is cooled first or use a cooling gel pad on the outside of the dressing if needed. Remember that a burn patient will lose a lot of heat if the burn is large so be cautious about this. Occlusive dressings can also be used with a salve that you wish to be absorbed thru the skin without having it rubbed off on clothing. I use it with vick's salve and a hot wet pack to take the poison out of wasp stings or with a drawing salve to remove a splinter or bring a boil to a head.

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