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Making your foods less attractive...

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:( WHAAAT????? :scratchhead:


So in another forum, another thread, somebody started discussing ways to possibly make your own stored foods less attractive to "outsiders". If there was no electricity, things got seriously bad, people are hungry, looking to steal whatever they can, how could you know what you have but others don't? OK, if's food, they might not care, but in some cases your preps might be spared if they can't understand what you have, right?


Home-canned foods might scare off some people, because they'd be afraid it might not be processed correctly.


But commercially canned?


From the other thread, without names, (unless you want to be credited, and then I'll edit it in).



Yes, home canning would be a great benefit too, IMHO, because the jars are heavier to transport and if dropped can break or come unsealed. Also, a lot of people (military or civilian) won't eat home canned food. They don't know if the proper procedure was followed or how clean the canning person was. Works for me. That will be the time I answer the door in my dirtiest clothes and a little olive added to my hair to make it look unwashed. Ewww, who would want to eat anything this dirty looking person would cook.




One other thing, I usually don't label all of my jars. I usually just label the ones in front and eat from the back. Sometimes if I have a lot of one thing like spaghetti sauce, I'll stick a label on the front of the shelf only.


Soooo, I could see how easy it would be to put a colored mark on the front of a shelf and keep a list of what tin can sets on a certain color shelf. Or label the shelves A,B,C or 1,2,3 etc. Remove the labels and follow your cheat sheet. Or, make a cheat sheet of a color and put that color on a can with a marker.


If I thought that time was coming I'd do a red dot for corn, pink dot for peas, blue dot for green beans etc. Hummm. Off to put magic markers on my shopping list. Or maybe go with the numbers and have tomatoes 1, green beans 2, corn 3 etc.


Ach, hope that mess made some sense. I'm not sure I could even follow it. :blink:



It makes sense and actually I may look into that.

Although confiscation is one thing, hungry hoards will eat anything.



One thing about thuggery , if they don't take it , they may smash it so you don't get to benefit from it either if their purpose is to kill you off or abuse you and weaken you so they can control you. Whoever they may be. It just takes more man power to actually move things like that and some padded crates they can carry, or hand to you to carry out and load for them, if they hold your family hostage.

If they decide they have need for it, they will remove it if they can, from your residences. That is just what happens.



So there it is. If there are other references to this elsewhere in the forums, please let me know and I'll pull them in, too, like this.


My life is extremely busy right now and full of stress, so I haven't had much time to read & post as I'd like to. But I'm still in several times a day, poking around, wanting to help.



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A topic worthy to investigate, how to make good food look unattractive.

If people are hungry enough, they might not care to eat it anyway. The stages before that.. good idea.


On a barrel of grain, a false bottom and on top of that half rotten, mousepoop infested grains.

"Good" grains underneath in secure wrapping.


Something from a movie, long time ago. Rotting fish on top of good stuff to scare off looters.


We're on to something here.

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