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Lets All Go To The Honky Tonkie


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You know how you can get a song stuck in your head and can not get it out? Earworms. That happened to son. His latest TWO earworms were a Dwight Yoakam song called "Honky Tonk Man" and a Hank Williams Jr. song called "Honky Tonkin" Yeah, we're red neck hillbillies...don't judge. 


The teachers put each 'student' in their carseat to make sure they are buckled in and take them out when they arrive at school. Helps to keep the line of cars flowing. 


So the other g-ma went to pick up g-son at the end of their last day right before Christmas. While the teacher was buckling him in g-son looked at the teacher and said, "Thanks Miss Connie, we're going to the Honkie Tonkie." 


Oh Lawsy, thems my boys.  :24: 

Bet they think we have interesting Christmas' 


Another time he told miss Connie to "Click it or Ticket"


And to think we couldn't wait until he talked.  

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Just wait til he learns about the Hokie Pokey!  Probably morph it into the Honkie Pokie or something....He sure has a sharp mind, he is picking things up like a sponge.  Time to stop cussin'!

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On boy, I never thought about the Hokie Pokie. Thanks! :grinning-smiley-044:


Cussing isn't much of a problem. Although an occasional he77, sh!t or dammit might slip out if something bad happens...from us. Like a smashed finger of something drops and breaks.. Only thing he's said (so far) was to call the dog a dumb a$$. And she was so what's you gonna do. I think most of his cussing will be learned from school.  At least the hard core stuff. Well, there and the Honky Tonkie. 


I used to save my pennies so he could ride Sandy the horsey at Meijers. Suppose I'll have to start saving my quarters for the jukebox now. They grow up so fast. :008Laughing:

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