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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (03/04/2021) - National outcry over a disturbing problem for Michigan National Guard troops protecting the U.S. Capitol: their food.


Gray Television was able to obtain photos from a Michigan National guardsman’s wife, appearing to show undercooked meat, rotten fruit, moldy bread, and metal shavings.


On Tuesday, all 14 U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan signed a letter, asking the National Guard to take action now.


It all started shortly after President Biden’s inauguration on January 20, deploying 1,000 Michigan National Guard members to Washington D.C. to protect the U.S. Capitol from any acts of terrorism like the ones that disturbed our nation on January 6.


“It’s a real expression of patriotism for them. They’re separated from their families. They’re separated from the work that they would normally do in order to provide this service,” Congressman Dan Kildee from Michigan’s Fifth District said.


Kildee says lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives interact with National Guard members on a daily basis, thanking them for their service and asking where they’re from. That’s why when he heard some disturbing details about the poor quality of their food like raw meat, moldy bread, and even metal shavings, he took it to heart.


“They deserve more than just adequate food. They should have good food. They should be well taken care of. It should be at least one small expression of our gratitude for their willingness to serve our country,” Kildee said.


On Tuesday, Kildee and the 13 other Michigan lawmakers from the U.S. House signed a letter, demanding that the National Guard take immediate action: fire the food contractor, get a new one, or give service members a daily allowance to get food on their own.


Those signatures include congress members from both sides of the isle, including Republican John Moolenaar from Michigan’s Fourth District.


“There’s a bipartisan commitment to support our troops. They’re giving up so much to be here. They don’t determine the mission. They respond and take on the mission, and they deserve much better than this,” Moolenaar said.


The contractor in question is defending itself saying its meals aren’t to blame.


Federal leadership of the National Guard is adding this isn’t a systemic issue.


Michigan lawmakers disturbed by the ‘undercooked, moldy,’ food given to Michigan National Guard members (abc12.com)


This is beyond disgusting. Mrs. Pelosi, tear down that wall. And pay for your own protection. And put a fence back on the border for them to guard. Our service men and women were treated better in Iraq and Afghanistan. At least they had edible food. Why isn't the military providing their food. They are in D.C. with all of those military facilities. Maybe not enough money left from previous administrations? They are military dammit. Treat them like they are. I am so angry I'm probably not even being rational. I have family in the National Guard. Thank God they aren't there now guarding some of those POS.



Some of the guard have been hospitalized because of the food.

Michigan lawmakers request better food for National Guard members after complaints of moldy, undercooked meals (msn.com)


Sorry for the rant but this makes my blood boil. 

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Bring them home! Problem solved.

I don't  understand why the governor's of the states that still have Guard members in DC don't issue an order to bring them home. :shrug::gaah::tapfoot:

This is one of the reason's that the Constitution says we are NOT supposed to have a "standing army."


Congress - ie: Nancy Pelosi - is never going to issue the order unless she is forced to do it. Just as with the "plandemic" she keeps moving the goalposts! And, even though it "looked" as though she was finally ready to stop maligning Americans who supported/are supporting Trump by taking down the fence, all that happened was the fence was MOVED. 


Once people "in power" get a taste of that power, the "hunger" for MORE power becomes insatiable. <_<



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