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Blue Collar Logic and the "jab." Should I or shouldn't I???

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I've never actually watched the channel before, so I don't know what the guy's reputation is. I would have to say that our decision to get or not get the jab is ours, and ours alone, and is based on our research.


I do have to say....whether you get it or not, I'll still be your friend (okay, online buddy) :) . I think that the worse part of all of this is how it's driving a wedge between all of us, including the Church, for those that are Christian. I think the government is overreaching in what they are requiring, and that anything that we put into our body should never be mandated. Vaccine or no, vaccine passports are just wrong. Completely. Seems wrong to need to threaten people or reward them for something that is still yet to be seen how it plays out. :unsure:

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