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Welll, it's kind of a long story....... rolleyes.gif

When my sister, Two Dogs, and I were little girls she used to call me Pat-Tay, instead of my name which is Patty. Eventually, it became patay as in goose liver patay and she eventually shortened it to Goose Liver.......so, in retaliation, I call her Two Dogs and the following joke tells why.

Once upon a time, there was this young Indian boy who asked his father how he came to be named. His father said, well, when your sister was born I stepped outside the teepee and saw a doe running through the village. And so, your sister became known as Running Doe. When your brother was born, again I stepped outside the teepee and saw an eagle soaring high overhead. And so, your brother became known as Soaring Eagle.

Why do you ask, Two Dogs Mating?



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