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  1. nini2033a

    Possible Raspberry Bush problem?

    Watering with Sugar water helps against transplant shock (Or so I have heard) .
  2. nini2033a

    Blackberry bushes

    Be careful though, they grow like gangbusters.. (PNW here, with 12 acres of brambles). The berries grow on second year canes. They are near impossible to kill. Here, we need to go over them pulling them out 3 times with the tractor before we make headway to clear spots of them. They keep coming back!
  3. nini2033a

    Manchurian apricots

    They are a kind of bush apricot? I bought a couple and will be planting them as soon as their home is free. (We are doing construction and big trucks drive down near where they will be planted.) Are they anything like real apricots taste-wise?
  4. nini2033a

    New Neighbors have moved in to the house behind us

    oh the little minds you can meld.... let them learn and maybe they will teach their parents...
  5. My son and I are both Gluten/Casein/Soy free. Actually, we have been so for 3 years. The first year, we used all those GF subs on the market. Now we rarely use them (except for the Daiya cheese) but we rarely make it from scratch either. We just don't eat alot of breads anymore at all. We use flax/almond/cocnut milk as subs for dairy. We just avoid all soy. But we also have not been lucky enough for our weight to stabilize, or rather, it is stabilized, but unfortunately at a too heavy weight. We have not lost any. On the other hand, it is not a waste of time. My son was having complete and total meltdowns everyday. He has only had a handful of them in the past 3 years, and each time after being glutened. I have gotten to experience life outside the bathroom. Life is much better for both of us. While we have talked about trying to trial some goats milk, we probably never will. We are fine without it.
  6. nini2033a

    Meatless Mondays & Freezer Fridays

    It's gonna be a long 40 days (mainly for the reason mentioned above)...on the bright side I have to/get to re-think my cooking routine. "Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich.." </Bubba> What about Tuna Skewers,,, Paella,,,, Smoked Salmon steaks,,,swordfish,,,even shark? Crab? Lobster? How about a clam chowder? Spaghetti with lentils instead of meat?
  7. nini2033a

    TLC Cheapskate show last night

    saw the show,, thought some of it went overboard, for example that man who took from others in the restaurant, and the dead flowers...but I leave food out sometimes too. My father is a DR and always did too, but grew up during in the war when you didn't throw out anything. I leave veggies and fruits out, and eggs, my DH always freaks out... He won't even eat refrigerated left overs from monday nights dinner for lunch on tuesday... I won't go as far as my Father who has broken a glass jar of instant coffee then swept it all up and used it to make coffee even with possible bits of glass in it, but I will eat something that has by accident been left out overnight. I just cook it again really well in the morning to kill whatever could be growing. You know in a SHTF scenario, you may not be able to refrigerate everything immediately...
  8. nini2033a

    Would you turn someone away?

    I had a friend over at my house for canning and she say our pantry. She laughed and said tht she knew where she was coming. I told her, OK, but bring all the food you guys are storing, clothes, medicines and weapons/ammo and be prepared to work each and every day to help us all make a "go" of it. She looked at me a bit suprised, but has since started prepping. She does have some gardening and canning skills, she can sew, and her husband is in security, so could help with such issues here. I know that it would be difficult for my husband and I to make it on our own and we have 3 kids. So, as long as she is somewhat prepped and prepared to work, she can be a help in a SHTF situation. (We are still far from being prepped too, but have been working on it for the past 2 years...)
  9. nini2033a

    Solar Power

    we have some solar lights outside, and put solar panels on my sons play structure. My DH uses a CPAP to sleep and we have lost electricity for a week at a time in the past. This way we always have 3-4 charged batteries and each one will last a few days on the CPAP for 8 hours at night. This is very important to me. My DH and I are often arguing over light and heat, He is nearly legally blind and needs lots of light, I prefer natural light from just the windows until it is too dark to see your hands. But I tend to like the house around 70, and he prefers it around 65. We recently put in a wood stove and our electric bill comes every other month, Our last bill came yesterday and our electric usage was nearly cut in half from this time last year. The only change being the stove and the blower attached to our gas heat. With the ability to use the wood stove, we put the heat down to 60 and do the rest with the wood stove. The heat only comes on if the house tries to drop below 60, so only in the middle of a really cold night.
  10. nini2033a


    Well one of the next steps we have taken towards being more self sufficiient has been to acquire rabbits. We only have 2 of them, one of each, they are Silver fox? Anyway, we thought we would try to keep them alive over the winter, and if successful we will try to breed them in the spring. We hope to raise them for meat. But I have never purposely killed anything except a vegetable plant or an insect, so I am not sure if we will be able to harvest them. My DH says it is all up to me since I am the one who wanted to try raising them.... gee thanks. But I will definitely try. If I can bumble my way thru this successfully, we will get another female or two and really try to go into meat production for family usage. I am trying not to get too attached. They are cute, but very skittish. I have not really tried to tame them yet because of the whole harvesting thing. I am afraid once I see the babies, it will be all over... I would like to eventually have chickens, but that will have to wait I think until we move to a place with more land and NO HOA. I hate having an HOA. You would think that with 3 acres, we would have a bit of room for a few ladies, but it is not allowed. I hope to move within the next year. It makes the whole adding to the orchard thing very difficult because I dont want to put in alot of trees just to move. We finally got our soapstone stove put in. It is really great and heats the house wonderfully. We are only using half the heat from last year. We still use some because we are not home alot and for example dont want to start a fire first thing in the morning when we are leaviong for the day in 2hours. So we will take off the morning chill with the regular furnace and then build a fire when we are home in the evenings until we go to bed. Well, it is almost the end of the year, hopefully the next year will bring more changes.
  11. nini2033a

    she said "Santa's coming to town"

    I have to say, I have taken my kids shopping, but they were facing me in the shopping cart and always had something to keep them busy. I was able to sneak things in the back of the cart and cover them. Sometimes, when dad is deployed, thats what you have to do. But my kids was always afraid of the Santas at the store and we wrote a letter every year which changed several times, but they always knew Santa would only bring them each one thing and it couldnt be expensive and had to be something he could make up at the north pole... (Read no electronics here)
  12. My biggest goal is to harvest everything and get it processed before it goes bad. That is somethng that we are not good at. I also need to be better at gardening. We just got rabbits to raise and I would like to successfully butcher them when the time comes. I am not sure if I can do that. But it would be a great source of protein for us if I can get it done. My husband says that they are all mine and I have to be able to do it myself. (He didn't want to get any rabbits)
  13. nini2033a

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We are having 8 people eating,,, (First year without either of my parents-one is travelling, the other in a nursing home 3 states away ) 1 diabetic, 1 on a sugar free grain free diet, 2 with 20+ various allergies, and 4 gastronomically normal people. Having shown up places before only to realize that there is nothing I can eat or feed my son...I want to make sure that there is a good variety for everyone. So, I am making various appetizers for the varied diets, and a veggie plate with regular ranch and dairy free ranch dressing... cranberry apricot sauce for the gastronomically unchallenged, cranberry with stevia sauce for the diabetic, Turkey for the normal folks, ham for the turkey allergic (me), cornbread stuffing for the Gluten free & normal crowd, grain free stuffing for the grainfree guest, candied sweet potatoes like grandma makes for the girls, savory sweet potatoes for the rest, sides of greenbeans and corn, pies are pumpkin & pecan that are gluten, casein & sugar free, 1 regular apple pie. ..... seems to get more complicated every year. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!
  14. nini2033a

    Recall: Bagged Salad Products

    Thanks, for once it does affect us!
  15. nini2033a

    Free Veggies

    jerusalem articholes are great sliced thin in salads or stir-frys, kind of like water chestnuts. They are also great with dip and can be roasted like a potato. If you have never tried regular artichokes, you are really missing something....

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