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  1. A. Problem with breathing Also have to think about allergic reactions. A sever allergic reaction can constrict the airway very quickly. I have seen Traciotamys performed and watched # training videos, pretty sure I could do one in an emergency. Only need a knife and a tube (straws and ink pen tubes would work) B./C problem with blood & violence Blood loss (even small amounts) and any kind of trauma can lead to shock. Besides stopping the bleeding or bandaging wounds you must know how to recognize and treat shock.
  2. Your Great grandparents James Pleasant Childers Birth Sep 1871 in Mississippi, USA Death 9 Apr 1961 in Erick, Beckham, Oklahoma, USA Ida Atwood Birth 4 Nov 1875 in Bristol, Ellis, Texas, USA Death 1964 in Erick, Beckham, Oklahoma, USA
  3. Here are her brothers Jack and Claude
  4. I have an ancestry account so I looked her up and found lots if info. Anna was born in Texas 30 Nov 1898 to James Pleasant Childers and Ida Attwood. She had 4 siblings: Claude Marion Sarah Estelle William Crawford Harvey Jack The family moved to Oklahoma around 1910 and she married Charles E Bobo in Ok on 23 Dec 1923 The guy that has posted this info has the Childers line documented back to the 1600's http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/3252234/person/-716108742?ssrc=
  5. We followed this guys instructions when we made our first one. It worked well - we eventually bought a ringo ranger 2 meter antenna Check out this video on YouTube:
  6. purchased an HF rig for christmas, just got an antenna for it. If the weather cooperates we should be able to get it set up this weekend. Really looking forward to operating on something other than the 2meter local bands. But even better is that a Few weeks ago I downloaded the Ap for "Echolinks" and after sending in a copy of my license I have been checking it out. I have to say I love it. I know a lot of old timer hams don't like Echolinks and say that without a radio it's not really Ham. But from an ap on my phone I have been able to talk to people all over the world!!!!
  7. Looks like you get access for each days events for 24 hours. So I can watch after I get home from work.
  8. That looks like a great course!! My DH and I took a 2 day- Level 1 Carbine class. It was intense and left me bruised and sore but I had a blast. During the 2 days, we fired close to a thousand rounds of 223 and about 300 rounds of 9mil. This course boosted my confidence! I have always felt I was a pretty good shot but this class showed me I was much better than I thought. As a 50yr old, slightly overweight female, On every shooting station they put us through I scored 1st or 2nd (my DH) beat me at most stations. The other students were all 30 something healthy/fit active duty milit
  9. This guy goes through a great list of pros and cons of getting a license. http://www.theprepperjournal.com/2013/10/17/ham-radio-license-hide-government/
  10. I've had mine sitting here on "scan" for a couple of hours. It will probably tell me the battery is low soon. If I didn't have it scanning it will last days between charges. I just ordered a larger extended battery. $17 the reviews on it says the charge last for weeks. I assume that wouldn't be during scanning - it would just be sitting off the charger. The best advantage for the extended battery though is that it has a plug in slot so the battery can be recharged multiple ways (cig lighter, usb port, portable solar devices) They also make a battery pack you fill with 4 AA's And
  11. CGA I'm wondering if you got your Baofeng radio in and if so, what you think of it. My DH and I built a quarter wave ground plane antenna for ours and have been amazed at the extended range it gives us. My DH passed his General and we are both studying to take the Extra exam. Next test date is Dec 14th... Hope I will be ready by then???
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