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  1. I love happy ending stories! So glad you didn't lose her to some predator.
  2. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I empathize. Going off gluten, onions, garlic and all alliums, peanut butter took all the fun out of church potlucks. You will eventually get it figured out but it's a journey for sure.
  3. Speaking of sweet potatoes...we just tried eating the cooked leaves for lunch and we all like them. Has anyone tried them? We need to cut the tops off before frost so we decided to freeze some. Today we are harvesting nearly everything in our gardens--tomatoes, okra, basil, cucumbers, beans, ground cherries. Everything that would be killed by frost. The forecast for last night was for a low of 38 but we had 34. We are always a little lower. Monday night forecast is for 37 so.....:(
  4. Wednesday, DD and I had eye glasses appointments and Mom had a doctor appt. We ran into Food City to use the bathroom and one whole aisle had absolutely nothing on the shelves. I figured they were just reorganizing. When we came back through several hours later, they had put some square boxes of something on one section of a shelf. this aisle was first aid, shampoo, etc. DH and I usually go grocery shopping once a month when the co-op order comes in but we haven't been for over two months. We need to go and get some things.
  5. Some of you may remember that I posted a link to an article by Dr Wes Youngberg and a video where he talked about using a dilute iodine spray for the sinuses, throat and even just spraying your face to kill viruses, when the Coronavirus was first becoming a thing in the US. We've been using the iodine ever since then and it cleared up a chronic sinus problem that I had had for weeks and weeks. My head above my eyes was so sore, I couldn't even touch my eyebrow hairs without great pain! The links are in the coronavirus thread if anyone wants to check it out.
  6. I tried to quote Ambergris and WE2s but couldn't get it to work. To me "the kind" Ambergris is referring to means this: We all know there are people who learn from reading and observing the experience of others and there are people who learn from having the experience themselves. DH has a relative like that. If it's not happening to her or someone she knows, it's not happening. She has to physically or emotionally experience something to believe that it can happen.
  7. Just checking in. I enjoy reading everyone's posts and often comment in my mind! Our weather right now is sunny, chilly and very windy. We are staying busy, working on the deer fence, sowing seeds, plowing and tilling gardens, paying bills, listening to church via Zoom or FaceBook, watching the birds, working jigsaw puzzles, memorizing Bible verses, studying the Bible, praying, keeping in touch with friends and family by phone and email, cooking, etc. That about sums it up! Stay well!
  8. kappydell, just a thought. When DS was so sick with ulcerative colitis, his ankles started swelling, it gradually moved up into his legs. His albumin was off but I don't remember now if it was too low or to high but the bottom line was that the cause of the swelling was allergies and "hidden" kidney infection. The hospital tested his kidneys but nothing showed up. Then another doctor put him on a 10 day dose of an antibiotic (I would have to look up the name but it wasn't one that he'd been on before.). DS lost nearly 13 pounds of fluid in 24 hours! Every spring for a few years, his ankles wou
  9. I am praying he will agree to let her do the treatments on him. I know I would tell my husband "I'm doing it anyway!"
  10. I hope it was helpful and that your GD will try it on her husband. I have used it for three different people with pneumonia and it works.
  11. Here is the link to the how-to. I don't think I had jposted this before. sorry!
  12. Please check out all the links I''ve been posting. Hydrotherapy is mentioned quite a few times. It saved many lives in the Spanish flu in 1918.
  13. I wish somebody would tell them about the hydrotherapy treatments! The hospital has nothing that will cure the virus. The hydrotherapy is so simple and it really works. I wish everybody could know about it.
  14. I got the name of the iodine wrong that we are using. It's called Liquid Iodine Forte. 1 drop contains 150 mcg of iodine as potassium iodide. The liquid vitamin D is Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. ONe drop contains 2000 iu of vitamin D as cholecalciferol in a sesame oil carrier,
  15. Cowgirl, you are welcome! I haven't seen this yet. Someone sent me the link. https://www.drbrownstein.com/there-is-still-hope-out-there-v:-more-about-nebulizing/#comments
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