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  1. I also wanted to comment on your mother and how she played along with the story. I'll bet that was a good entertainment for her. I also bet she had a lot of good advice to add to from her own life experiences.
  2. I DO remember that you got very ill now that you mentioned! I am glad you're back and can't wait to read your continuation of the story!
  3. I would love to read your experience! Please do post it!
  4. Well, I thought you were there but wondered why you said you were disappointed that you couldn't interact with me on that thread. I haven' seen the revisited thread. I'll go check it out.
  5. No, I got really busy about that time. My mom decided to move in with us because her eyesight was getting worse. Her sense of smell is is really bad and she was tasting moldy food because she couldn't smell it or see it, and many other issues. So we had a lot of rearranging and purging to do. It was fun how everybody worked together to tell the story. I could hardly wait for the next episode from whoever decided to contribute! Were you a member of Mrs S then? I was thinking you were but I can't remember who all was.
  6. Wow! Eleven years ago! I can hardly believe it's been that long ago. I guess there have been many changes in each of our lives since then. Some new people on here and some no longer with us.
  7. A bear can smell really, really strong too.
  8. Oh, that is precious! I teared up just reading it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  9. Miki, I'm sorry! I know that must have been disappointing. Yes, God knew and He will surely help you get that paid off soon.
  10. We get photocopies of each check along with the monthly bank statement. I never did sign up for online banking for our personal account. Our Internet is so unstable and we have power outages often. Not so many as in the past though, thankfully.
  11. Miki, I am so sorry about your brother. What a sad thing. Praying for you and all you have to deal with. Littlesister, still praying for you too. I lost a cousin last week. DH and DS were at his house fixing a problem with his hot water tank and DH said about every 15 seconds, Z would grimace as if in pain. He passed away that night. 48 years old. Probably a heart attack as he had exceedingly high BP.
  12. Littlesister, I am so sorry for your loss, but as you said, he is no longer suffering. I am praying for you.
  13. As I have said before, even though I don't comment much, I do read all the comments and pray for all who need prayers. Lots of things going on for all of us, looks like. We are having rainy, mild weather and then very cold and snow supposed to come in for early next week. We still have quite a bit of snow from the last round but it's melting fast. We finally got our truck title and tags!! DH bought a used truck from his brother in TN in late Nov. At that time, we couldn't go to DMV locally as they were not doing titles. The closest DMV after that was accepting appointme
  14. I know! I am having trouble focusing on my decluttering projects this winter. So many issues all at the same time! Yay for you euphrasyne!!
  15. I think it's kind of sad to see old homesteads be swallowed up by commercial interests. All the strawberries are supposed to be "the best"! Lol I need to do more research.
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