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  1. I know! I am having trouble focusing on my decluttering projects this winter. So many issues all at the same time! Yay for you euphrasyne!!
  2. I think it's kind of sad to see old homesteads be swallowed up by commercial interests. All the strawberries are supposed to be "the best"! Lol I need to do more research.
  3. Littlesister, I hope you can do some fun projects! That's important to do for one's sanity. I'm working on an order of strawberry and asparagus plants. We got the area ready and it's covered with black plastic which we hope will smother out the grass and some of the weeds by May when we would plant them. I'm having a hard time deciding on which varieties of strawberries to get. I have a list of best varieties for VA but the mountains are so different that the piedmont or the coastal areas and the list doesn't really distinguish between them. We have ordered most of the garden
  4. I wondered if the mask wearing would slow down the seasonal flu. Maybe that is what's happening.
  5. Good to see you back! So you just recently had another hip surgery? Sounds like you've been pretty busy. That is really nice of your Dad!
  6. I've missed you too! Now I hope Kappy comes back.
  7. I'll have to check them out again Thanks!
  8. That's cool! I got a mini class free from them in a Ultimate Bundle Productivity deal and liked it. I drooled over the PowerSheets and wondered if I would actually use them. What do you like about them? Anything you dislike?
  9. Would you mind sharing the name of your system? I love goal setting and haven't had much time for it this month, and I have several that I listen to, read or watch. One must have to have time and quiet to be able to think a complete thought in order to set goals. Or at least I do! Fitness and decluttering are two of my priorities every year.
  10. I thought he said 12:00 midnight to 5 am. Yeah, I don't understand the curfew and how it will help either.
  11. DD and I loved the lockdown in April! Nobody came to visit. We didn't go anywhere except DH and I went to the grocery store once. DH and DS were off work and we got lots of home stuff done and garden stuff too. Thankfully, we had money to live on and pay bills. I started feeling more stressed when the end date of the lockdown was getting closer. I actually wanted it to be extended and I know that's selfish. For that reason I really didn't tell very many people how I really felt about it. A friend from church called one day and said, "I feel guilty but we are really enjoying the lockdown!" Ther
  12. I would be interested in hearing updates. Thanks!
  13. That's too bad! I don't know what to do to make it work. I will try to get some help with that!
  14. Outbreak in the local nursing home/rehab facility. As of yesterday 25 patients and 14 staff are positive. I hope this link works. Vit D protocol for maintenance and for COVID facebook_1606564098828_6738418225974226479.jpg
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