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  1. I tried to quote Ambergris and WE2s but couldn't get it to work. To me "the kind" Ambergris is referring to means this: We all know there are people who learn from reading and observing the experience of others and there are people who learn from having the experience themselves. DH has a relative like that. If it's not happening to her or someone she knows, it's not happening. She has to physically or emotionally experience something to believe that it can happen.
  2. Just checking in. I enjoy reading everyone's posts and often comment in my mind! Our weather right now is sunny, chilly and very windy. We are staying busy, working on the deer fence, sowing seeds, plowing and tilling gardens, paying bills, listening to church via Zoom or FaceBook, watching the birds, working jigsaw puzzles, memorizing Bible verses, studying the Bible, praying, keeping in touch with friends and family by phone and email, cooking, etc. That about sums it up! Stay well!
  3. kappydell, just a thought. When DS was so sick with ulcerative colitis, his ankles started swelling, it gradually moved up into his legs. His albumin was off but I don't remember now if it was too low or to high but the bottom line was that the cause of the swelling was allergies and "hidden" kidney infection. The hospital tested his kidneys but nothing showed up. Then another doctor put him on a 10 day dose of an antibiotic (I would have to look up the name but it wasn't one that he'd been on before.). DS lost nearly 13 pounds of fluid in 24 hours! Every spring for a few years, his ankles would swell but it would go away later on in the summer. Finally a spring came when there was no more swelling and he's been good ever since. He had allergy testing for foods over time and gradually learned what he needed to eliminate and it finally took care of the swelling.
  4. I am praying he will agree to let her do the treatments on him. I know I would tell my husband "I'm doing it anyway!"
  5. I hope it was helpful and that your GD will try it on her husband. I have used it for three different people with pneumonia and it works.
  6. Here is the link to the how-to. I don't think I had jposted this before. sorry!
  7. Please check out all the links I''ve been posting. Hydrotherapy is mentioned quite a few times. It saved many lives in the Spanish flu in 1918.
  8. I wish somebody would tell them about the hydrotherapy treatments! The hospital has nothing that will cure the virus. The hydrotherapy is so simple and it really works. I wish everybody could know about it.
  9. I got the name of the iodine wrong that we are using. It's called Liquid Iodine Forte. 1 drop contains 150 mcg of iodine as potassium iodide. The liquid vitamin D is Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. ONe drop contains 2000 iu of vitamin D as cholecalciferol in a sesame oil carrier,
  10. Cowgirl, you are welcome! I haven't seen this yet. Someone sent me the link. https://www.drbrownstein.com/there-is-still-hope-out-there-v:-more-about-nebulizing/#comments
  11. Dr. Brownstein's vitamin protocol. He says the nebulizer protocol is coming another post. https://www.drbrownstein.com/coronavirus-vii:-we-are-ready-and-you-can-be-ready-too!-2/?cat_id=968
  12. I meant to say "You might google David Derry.
  13. The video and protocol I shared a few weeks ago by Dr Wes Youngberg was very specific about the supplements. I'll share it again. Dr Y. doesn't mention a nebulizer but he does talk about an iodine solution that you spray into your nose and mouth, even on your face if you think you've been exposed to the virus. My family has been using that iodine ever since we first read his protocol. It has cleared up a sinus infection that I had. My eyebrow area was so sore, I couldn't even touch my eyebrow hairs but it's fine now. But it seems like a nebulizer would kill viruses that are floating in the air. Note that he says not to spray Lugols into your nose, etc, that it can irritate the mucus membrane lining. The iodine we're using is Bio Forte. It comes with a dropper but you can also order a little spray attachment for the bottle, preferably one for each family member. https://mailchi.mp/7f7ee2ea61ac/immune-support-protocol-if-you-are-exposed-or-infected-with-covid-19 There was an update posted on his clinic site later but I don't know what the changes were. I know this last one is laid out in a very easy to understand and follow way. http://dryoungberg.com/immune-protocol-for-prevention-and-management-of-viral-exposure-or-infection-/ My daughter sent me a pdf but I don't know how to attach it here. You might good David Derry, MD, "Iodine: The Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses". It's a five page research article with many references. Hope this is helpful!
  14. 15 minute interview with a COVID-19 survivor. PLEASE if you don't do anything else today, watch this short video!
  15. We are all OK, so far. Just going about our daily lives with a few added stresses. We're staying home. Haven't been anywhere since March 18 when DH and I went to town to get Mom's medicine at Walmart. We got the vitamins and other supplements that I ordered. I got an email that my Fllmore Container order of can lids has been shipped. DH was cutting up some logs we were given for firewood and cut through a nail and broke 5 teeth off his chainsaw chain. He'll have to order one online. I don't want him to go to town. He says he's going to the gas station about 15 miles away and fill up the gas cans again. He has been filling up the tractors and lawn mowers with gas. He wants to get onion sets too. We have gas closer, about 7 miles, but they are getting their pumps replaced that they won't be operating for several more days. I was straightening up the "pantry" in the basement and was pleased to find two bottles of hand sanitizer that I din't know I had. DH planted some radish and lettuce seeds in the greenhouse last week. It's time to start a bunch of things. It is SO wet here, there is now way we can plow the gardens. The yard is too soppy wet to mow and the grass is growing. Everyone stay safe.
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