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  1. Dearest Mello, Thank you so very, very much for the information. I have been down with a nasty cold or 'flu bug' for the last month. Hadn't checked back to Mrs S til now. WOW and thank you so much. I have signed up for Ancestry.com recently. I also followed and printed out the Childers info the man had found. I'm making copies of it all to give my brother a copy. He will be so thrilled! The photo of Harvey Jack Childers shows a strong resemblence to our Dad. WOW!! Again, thank you. This info gives me a way to find out so much more............Piggy hugs........Pigz
  2. Thank you Snowmom, The info on my Grandfather, Charlie, we have had for several years now. Going back to the 1700's. My Grandmother, Anna, remains a mystery. All any one has been able to find is she was born, married Charlie, had 3 kids and died. No one in the family was ever told of her family or history. Her whole life when questioned about her childhood and family, said 'theres nothing to discuss'. My Dad said one time that maybe she was 'a foundling, an Indian baby'. Who knows??? But thank you, maybe someday something will come to light.
  3. Thank you Annarchy. I sure hope so. ...pigz
  4. My Paternal Grandmother was Anna Laura Childers. Don't know any thing about where she was born. Maybe Texas, Okla or the Carolinas. Possibly Native American. I do know she was born around 1898 and died in Salinas, Ca in 1973. She married Charlie Elias Bobo, from Texas, and had 3 children. Raymond died in 1948, Jack, my father born in Okla. 1927 died 2000, and Nancy. No known brothers or sisters or parents info. I recently found my brother, Jack Jr. I had not seen him since Grandpa Charlies funeral in May 1976. And this was really WEIRD! DH and I moved to southern Oregon March 2013. One day
  5. Well leave it to the Dogs and Cats! YES, YES, YES thats it! I only went back thru the recipies to 2007, no wonder I didn't find it. Sneaky Darlene, hiding it in 2006. Her simple recipe is SOOO GOOD and easy. I just dumped 10 pints of 2010 sauce in my crockpot and my house smells wonderful. Thank you so much,...............pigz
  6. Can someone please point to where I can find Darlenes crockpot apple butter recipe from several years ago? I have looked and looked and cannot find it anywhere. I know it existed when I used it to make apple butter in 2010. I read somewhere a tip to use older, 2-or-3 year old homemade applesauce to make applebutter to help with rotation. And since I'm out of applebutter and just canned up 44 jars of applesauce, it just makes sense to use up the 10 old jars of sauce. Right??? Help, please.....pigz
  7. Back in the mid-70's I had a job driving tractor. A big old John Deere 4430 if I remember right. Most of the crew, including me, would put a can of stew or Chef Boy-r-Dee on the manifold for an hour or so to heat up. Sometimes there would be a stew explosion and things smelled burnt for awhile. The boss wasn't too happy with that. ...........pigz
  8. Thanks, Violet...Guess I was having a Senior Moment, didn't think to look there..........pigz
  9. Is it possible to make and can nut syrups? I want to make something like a walnut-maple sryup and a pecan-praline syrup to give as gifts. Thanks, pigz
  10. I made quite a few jars of Violets Marinated Mushroom recipe in Nov.2011 and gave most of them as gifts. With our recent move, I found a box with 6 1/2pints of 'shrooms and 6 of sweet relish. The box had been under the bed in spare room. Would these be ok to eat- they are really yummy- or should I dump them? The jars are sealed and they 'look' fine, but what do you think? Thanks, pigz
  11. Hi Dogmom, Thanks for asking. A big long whiney list of life is what happened. In 1 years time, my Dad died and left me his Jeep. But befor I could get it, his house was broken into and the jeep and a lot of other stuff was stolen. Finally recovered the Jeep, and was able to pick it up 3 months later. Glenn had his 3rd back operation in Oct. He is now fused S1 to L1. Then in Jan. he had a total knee replaced. We were still battling with the bank over a loan mod on our house. They offered a 'real good deal' by lowering the payment by $200. BFD! Computer kept trying to die, but I guess I threate
  12. Many years ago when I lived in Arkansas, a neighbor family loved to catch and eat carp.Said they preferred carp over all other fish. They cooked the carp in a pressure cooker instead of a skillet. They used a combo of cornmeal and seasoned flour, then pressure-fried the fish with a very small amount of oil or fat. I tried it and it was tasty. I prefer a good, crispy catfish steak .
  13. When our Molly, a Chocolate Lab now 4 years old, gets fussed at she goes into the bathroom and unrolls the toilet paper (revenge??) She has amber eyes, but they have darkened up some as she gets older.
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