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  1. thanks pogo Ill try that. I guess Cow heart isnt a big delicacy with those here at Mrs S .. Honest I just didnt wanna waste them LOL
  2. Jewlzm

    virtual dog...

    thats cute LOL he doesnt understand attack or get him though
  3. Jewlzm


    ArmyOfFive4God could really use some prayers right now. I dont want to go into details but her family is really hurting and she could prob use all the prayers she can get.
  4. Hey ladies and gents Im back again. I have a couple cow hearts from butchered cows that I just couldnt let go to waste so they are in my freezer. Do any of you eat cow hearts? If you do would you mind sharing some recipes? Thanks
  5. *jots down - must try number 6 tomorrow - maybe bathroom will finally get finished*
  6. ROFL This was funnier than you realize.
  7. Jewlzm

    perfect husband

    OK this one got both of my girls and myself to gasp! Good One three thumbs up!
  8. Never heard it! thanks for sharing LOL
  9. Oh My goodness this one definitely got me laughing Thanks trip
  10. 2006 here thanks to my DH **waves at Granny**
  11. Thank you Becca Anne and Pauline. Your prayers are very much appreciated. Even though his death was expected its still really hard. Every prayer you send up is so appreciated by me and my family.
  12. Jewlzm


    I told this to my children this morning. My 11Yo said.. "He died twice??" Funny part is.. she is blond
  13. Jewlzm


    LOL thank you for the laugh Trip!
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