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  1. No, they're trying to limit theft and fraud. Just like a credit card or replacement back debit card is mailed to you in a vaguely labeled envelope.
  2. I believe it has to be the IRS that had your bank info, not social security. We got a paper check because our bank info with IRS was out of date. Do be sure to watch out for a debit card, if you are expecting a paper check. Many people got converted to debit card instead of check because they could get more of them sent faster.
  3. Some names have been changed, to protect the not-so-innocent!
  4. A long time ago, (10+ yrs iirc) in a Metromess not so far away, I hurt my right knee. Church league softball was to blame. Surgery fixed up that medial meniscus, though Doc Killemquicker warned me that I would end up with arthritis in it. FF>>> to 4 years ago, when the arthritis started getting bad, and I began favoring things to my "good" left knee, which had experienced a similar surgery in 1999. All was good afaik, until this March, when I began to notice some medial knee pain in the left "good" knee. The right knee had continued to deteriorate to the point that it
  5. FYI, our check came in the mail yesterday.
  6. Went back to the IRS site today and now it says my paper check is being mailed later this coming week. Yay, just in time for my knee surgery.
  7. MtRider, we use air med care network, $85/yr for the chopper insurance. It's less if you get three yrs at a time (save like $15 total). Plus they give you a small Amazon gift card. At least they did last year when we signed up.
  8. Bugger all...I just found out that our pmt was supposed to hit today, but the direct deposit info was for our former bank. Can't update it online, so we are stuck getting a paper check mailed, blast it!
  9. Thanks Jeepers, it is really pretty out here.
  10. Today DH & DS started building me a ramp off the front porch. This make getting around easier and safer with my bad knees.
  11. We've moved 2x since I was very active here. Once to get out of the metromess, and once to buy a small acreage place for cash and get out from under a high mortgage/high tax place with an expensive pool. Now we own 5ac with a small horse a great shop and several outbuildings, ten miles from the nearest town. We have a greenbroke tenant mare, that assures our ag exemption, and basically pays most of our property taxes for the year. It's a win-win situation. The Monkeys are still at home, 18, almost 17, almost 16. DH is still a phone guy, though he is eligible to retir
  12. So, I read a recent post of yours where you mentioned a basement?? Did y'all move? I don't remember you ever mentioning a basement in the little mountain cabin. Hope y'all are well. Been so long since I was here... Vic
  13. Gosh, it's been so long since I was here! What have we done in the last year? Lots! We were briefly completely debt free, bought a nice rural property for cash and moved even farther out into rural east Tx onto 5 fenced acres, recovered DH from his TIA in July, that put us into debt from the chopper ride, sadly. This spring,hmm, bought 6 more baby chicks for dd1 to bring her flock to 20. We're getting about 8-10 eggs/day from the 14 adult hens. Bought 9 blueberry bushes and planted them, along with 4 elderberry plants. Refurbished my old magic mill grinder and brought all our
  14. MtR, I've seen tons of people wearing masks incorrectly...Apart from the ones who seen to think they're to be worn like a necklace, it's most common that I see them worn over the mouth, but NOT the nose!
  15. WE2, if the dog is to be an outside dog, then a Ridgeback is NOT a good choice. They do not do well as strictly outside dogs.
  16. Consider asking your dr for a glucagon prescription. It's an injectable chemical designed to counteract a deep low sugar event by forcing the liver to dump all its glucose at once. After DH suffered a 37 one night recently (thank God I woke up for it!), we got a glucagon shot to have around. Beware though they are expensive! But it can save your life when nothing else will. Typically though someone other than the patient does the injection.
  17. I tend to use flightaware.com
  18. Yesterday was spent cutting trees for firewood for next winter. We need to cut in the cold/cool weather, as once it warms up, it'll be miserable--ticks, mosquitos, fire ants...humidity and poison ivy! This large tree was felled in an ice storm a couple years ago, but was still usable. Lovely old growth oak! In excess of 20" diameter.
  19. From what I gather, it was much ado about nothing. Something like 20 people showed up in Portland and read manifestos. 50 were reported doing the same in Cleveland. No one else in the other listed cities reported anything out of the ordinary.
  20. Yesterday was wood splitting day for me. Plum wore myself out! Got a lot split (thank you Lord for that hydraulic splitter!) Today was Orthopedic visit day, involving a 3hr drive round trip. Diagnosis? Tendonitis in my foot. Pred pack for 6 days and reassess.
  21. Good job folks! Is there some way the old posts could be archived in an accessible form? Separate server or cloud maybe?
  22. Hope that getting a new PM will make your life easier and more energetic. Prayers for Gary with all that has been plaguing him this year...
  23. And Larry David has southern slave owning, Confederate ancestors...thus so does that old Commie, Bernie Sanders! But the Antifa will never confront him about it...
  24. Thursday is the annual North Texas Giving Day, and a 501c3 dog rescue that I personally support, is participating in the event. The rescue is Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, aka TIRR Rescue. Here is a link to my blogpost about the event, and it includes a link for those who feel led to donate. Anyone can donate--you do not need to live in North Texas to donate. Even if you choose not to help financially, if you would be so kind as to share the donation link on your social media pages, and with your friends? It would be a huge help in getting the word out. Giving D
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