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  1. I was trying to find out about Westie and Darlene, but neither of them have responded. Stephanie too.... Guess they all forgot who I was.

  2. How have you been? I have been so busy, and I had to get a job outside of the home so it has been a real adjustment.

  3. Hey lady...I haven't been here much, but wanted to stop by and say howdy to ya!



  4. Thanks Violet I will check it out Bea/Buggs
  5. Originally Posted By: onepoormomma Crazy, you buy it in the store where the ketchup is. Normally it is Heinz, but there are store brands, too. It is like a less sweet ketchup. I use it sometimes instead of ketchup due to the lower sugar. Is good on burgers. You can use the chili sauce and spice it up with horseradish for cocktail sauce. Thought I'd share my homemade chili sauce recipe for anyone who'd like it. The aroma in the kitchen is worth all the effort:?) Chili Sauce 9 ripe tomatoes 1 green pepper 1 lg onion 1 c sugar 1 c cider vinegar 1/2 T salt 1/2 t cinnamon 1/2 t
  6. Violet, Can I can the green tomatoes using quart jars???? if so what is the processing time. My family makes these into a meal. I hope so I want to use up the rest of the quart jars I have. Thanks Buggs
  7. I don't know if you all have a BJ's out where you are (kind of like sams club and costco). When I go by there I have salvaged many things. A canopy with screen for the back yard, two picnic tables, tons of storage shelving units (commercial grade), metal caster wheels that I have attached to my kitchen island to make it transportable, I think after a certain amount of time they pitch the floor models and I am right there when they do. There is no shame in saving something from the dump if it is still usable. Don't think I would eat out of eht dumpster though, I think they do stuff to the f
  8. Thanks Arby, WG, and H6, I will be doing my research before investing, as I hope that this will be something that we only buy once. Thanks for the websites and the info. You are helping me to make a wise decision. Buggs
  9. That is really nice. It is exactly what we are looking for, but a little out of the price range right htis minute. I have book marked the page so that when funds are available we can get it. Thanks Buggs
  10. Yes, of course we will be praying for your son here.
  11. I am looking for what most people have used and have liked with a grain mill. My husband and I have decided that it would be better to find one that you hand crank in case of power shortages. Can anyone here recommend a good brand? I am pretty rough on stuff so plastic stuff won't last. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks Buggs
  12. Thanks for posting this info, you have pointed me in the right direction. Buggs
  13. Momo, Just wondering if you had tried it. My hair is dry and will it make it dryer? What do you use as a conditioner? Buggs
  14. I have a recipe book called "This for that", it has helped me out so many times, tons of cool tips. If you want I could add one everyday. Buggs
  15. Originally Posted By: ol'momma What..no body has any military surplus MRE's??? I was in the service and used to have to eat these things. Ewwww yuck, I used to trade others for the crackers and jelly or cheese for the whole meal. Id rather eat grass, which Im OK with as long as the dogs haven't gone in that area. :ROFL:
  16. I was going to use scissors to castrate. That's how I was taught. I have to do it cause my husband is afraid to. I think it is the whole guy thing.
  17. Westie.... we disbudded the baby goat that was 2 weeks old... Apparently we didn't burn it off for long enough as horns have grown. What do I do at this point? Should I try the elastator, or is there another way. Could I use a ruberband double folded as tight as I can get it after I notch out the horns?
  18. 1. guns/ammo for hunting/protection 2. powdered milk 3. grains 4. baking soda : cooking/cleaning/body care 5. honey 6. salt 7. solar batteries/charger 8. water purifier (tablets/liquid) 9. seeds (vegetables/fruit) 10. lighter or lighting fluid
  19. All right... I am coming up off one of my easy recipes for you guys, in the hopes to win some brownie points. Most will have all ingredients on hand, especially if they are in here. And I use it to replace bread on sandwiches. Very easy... Ingredients: 2 cups unbleached wheat flour ( i have used regular bleached flour with good results) 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/4 cup lard or vegetable shortening (hard) 1/2 cup hot water Directions (makes 12) Sift together the flour, salt, and baking powder into a large mixing bowl Add the lard or shortening. Use the pa
  20. Helen... I don't know what your standing is in religion. But I have seen many marriages come back from the brink of destruction because of the wife praying for the marriage. I know that it sounds crazy, but the more that you pray for yourself and figure out what God has in store for you and to show you what needs to be corrected in your life, your husband will come around. (I am by no means saying that you are wrong, because what you have said, he is doing wrong) If he is not a Christian, than only YOU can only do what is right by staying committed to the relationship. One day, you will o
  21. It is for the KA mixer??? It has a little wheel on the front to adjust how coarse or fine you want the end result? Send me a PM and let me know what you were thinking??? I have no idea what you are looking for for trade or cash.
  22. Thanks for rubbing it in.... it seems I will have to wait for Santa or sell a kidney or something to gett one.
  23. Make ham & bean soup. The smoked flavor is not as overwhelming. A friend of my Husband gave us smoked venison. Didn't much care for it because it tasted like I was eating an ash tray. I put it in soup and it was nice and it wasn't that smokey. Plus, you may be able to can it, but you will have to check that out with all the pro canners in here.
  24. Westie.... My buck is a little smaller than the does (younger) and the older does won't let him near them. What can I do to make sure they get bred????? Am I going to have to do something along the lines of "dirty jobs"? You know "help him" and then insert the sperm into the doe??? How can you ensure that they are bred?? And can you go into more details about drying off the does?? Can you breed at any time or is this only when the bucks are in rut?Sorry so many questions, I just don't want to run out of milk and have to wait a year before I get more. Buggs
  25. Its all about money. The funny thing is that when we die we don't take a dime of it with us. Supply & demand raises prices, I used to get some things free when I went to the grocery store to feed the pigs and they told me that they weren't going to give me the older produce because they would use it in the salad bars. EWWWWWWW note to self: DO NOT EAT FROM A salad bar. I saw a bumper sticker the other day about that "he who dies with the most wins" I wanted to talk to them about God because at one point, none of this will mean a hill of beans. Try looking on the internet, you may be
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