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  1. You are welcome Teaberry, I've heard of he Vitamin A regimine too along with the vitamin C one which is basically to take increasing doses of vitamin C until you start to have digestive problems and then back off a bit and keep it at that level. Haven't tried this myself so if others have, let us know how it works.
  2. You do use the inner bark only of the Wild Cherry and also the slipper elm. I too wouldn't mind looking into doing it myself but I've always been reluctant as wild plants are difficult to identify exactly even by trained botonists. I took a few of my iffy plants to the Arboretum last year and I've taken a few to the extension office for the master gardeners to identify for me and that helps but is not even the ultimate answer as they can mis-identify them too without some labratory testing on some of them. When I tell them I want to use them for medicinal purposes they back pedal and I'm sti
  3. Great site Grubby. Thanks for finding it and posting it. Not too comprehensive as to be discouraging but thorough enough to get people thinking at least. I wish there was a way we could get that into the masses. One thing I noticed is that in the presentation she says you can get the masks from her site but I couldn't find anywhere to do so. Did I miss something?
  4. Wow, Waiting, that's a good stock. I have never harvested Wild Cherry bark myself. We have a lot of black cherry here but I'm never sure exactly which one is the true wild cherry though I understand that it realy makes no difference. As for the cyanide. You can not use it fresh, only dry. I buy mine through Frontier Herbs in Norway, Iowa, an herbal coop, and I have complete trust in them. I have used Wild Cherry Bark for probably thirty years or more with no problems. It's found in a ton of cough formulas and is very effective. Still, there are many other herbs that have the same attributes
  5. Hey Westbrook.. Great article. Just a couple of suggestions though. First, the amounts she uses to make a cup of tea are pretty heavy, especially if you are not used to herb teas. You might want to start out with some less. I rarely use more than a teaspoon or two of dried product per cup. Second, Lemon balm and Bee balm are two separate herbs. Lemon Balm, Melissa officinalis L. is indeed lemony flavored. But Bee Balm, Monarda didyma is a strong almost minty flavor. They are both good but both different from each other and have different medicinal values. Didn't want anyone to get
  6. Those are GREAT recipes Westy. I've made a lot of sour cream, yogurt and cheese in my time but never with powdered milk. Now that we don't have the goats or a milking cow, I'd like to try some of these recipes. Most of these recipes are very similar to ones I've used in the past with regular milk or cream so they are familiar and should be easy to do. Thanks for the post.
  7. There has been lots of good info on here for preparing for a flu pandemic and I fully believe that we all should take whatever of that advice would apply to our particular situation and use it wisely. When Teaberry asked me to post a list of my prep for the flu I figured, no sweat. I can whip that up in an instant! But as I started taking inventory of what I have specifically for the flu and cold, I realized that I have a LOT. I had to do some pretty heavy thinking of just what specifics I would want to be sure to have on hand. I hadn’t given much thought to a pandemic, believing, I suppose
  8. I'm not sure how one would go about making their own almond type bark with cocoa powder. That might be a good knowledge to have as I could use it for carob powder also.
  9. It's the maltitol in the sugar free bark that causes the digestive tract problems. It is one of the "ols", like mannitol and sorbitol and etc. that can causes a pronounced laxitive effect though I understand it's supposedly less so than others of it's kind. It's supposed to be serving size safe but one serving size is a whole lot less than you might consider. I can't handle even a teaspoon of it without real reactions. Can you use Carob? It's not nearly as bitter as cocoa with very little sweetener needed to make it taste palatable. You can get unsweetened carob chips in health food
  10. Mother

    Christmas Fun!

    I don't know all the words but I sure like this tune, keep singing!
  11. That's a great Idea. I have some I was going to bring to the Salvation Army but will check with the school first. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. My GS and I put twenty pounds of bananas and eight pounds of apples into the dehydrator. Then we played in the snow and decided it was gettting US ready for tough times
  13. I'm starting the prayers now.
  14. Gosh, that beats doing it the way the animals do. And if the stick was long enough, and curved enough, it might make it easier for us with bad backs.
  15. Jo, I hadn't even thought about using the cast for barter but now that you mention it, I believe I could use that line to convince my family that I need MORE
  16. Okay, I just couldn't resist adding to this one. My brother has a suggestion for saving TP. He says it is the army way for use. Each person gets one square per "visit". To use, you take a small section right out of the center and put that behind your ear. You would put your finger into the resulting hole and proceed to wipe yourself with that finger
  17. Would you believe the set was at the local grocery store? In the meat section no less. I really should just go buy the darn thing instead of drooling over it but I've got so many now I'm not sure where I'd put it. I wonder if it could be gotten online. I will try to get back up there and see if it's still there and check out the name. It's not the store I regularly go to. I know it was some sort of special edition issue from something. Definitely not a Griswald or even a Wagner but it didn't look that bad. Harvest something maybe? Hmmm. My guess would be that it would be terri
  18. Mother

    Christmas Fun!

    Poland would be my guess too. Thanks for bringing the kringla, Dee. I haven't had any of that since my inlaws lived next door to a lady who used to make it every Christmas. I loved it. MmmmmMmmmmm.
  19. Evergreen, thanks for the info. I believe I remember her from TMEN. I'll have to look in my stash of books and see if I have that. It sounds familiar to me. That's what happens when you read tooooooooooo much!!!!
  20. Mother

    Christmas Fun!

    Hey, my sun porch is cold and covered with snow! You guys want to come inside to chat? I got hot egg nog with whipped cream! Buttercup, that was very interesting information. Thanks. Dee, more please, this is really fun!
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