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I made my mincemeat for christmas on Thursday, and thought you may be interested in how I did it. I don't use and measurements, just what looks and tastes right, so it's very personal to the maker. The advantage over shop-bought is that you can omit what you don't like, and put in more of what you do!

Start with a large bowl, and put in dried fruit as you like - raisins, currants, sultanas. Add some sugar, either white or brown, then any combination of the following , chopped:

apple, nuts, glace cherries, crystalised ginger, dates, vegetable suet, candied peel, walnuts, dried apricots, prunes.

Moisten the whole lot with any or alll of the following: brandy, whisky, cider, apple juice, orange juice.

Leave to stand overnight for the flavours to blend and the fruits to plump up.

Pack into clean jars, avoiding too much liquid and seal until needed. Keep in cool place, fridge, or can be frozen.

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Wasn't Lowly the name of the worm in the Richard Scarry books? You're missing out if you don't like mincemeat, but I like the cup of tea joke, even if it's older than me!!!

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So that's what mincemeat is? I've seen it in jars/recipes....but because of the name....i never tried it.....now i might....

Hey Lowie.....what is vegetable suet....would it be like our crisco product? and is it necessary to add???

You know it actually sounds good the way you describe it! Do you make pies and tarts out of it?




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You call that *MINCEMEAT*??? jawdropblue.gif

Not where *I* come from!!! nono.gif

My Amish relatives really make it with meat. I'll get their recipe to add here soon. smile.gif



*TEENAGERS*... God's way of helping parents clear the nest.

[This message has been edited by Cat (edited November 10, 2002).]

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Cat, several hundred years ago, the mincemeat started out with minced meat in it, and the spices were put in to preserve it and stop it going smelly! Down the ages, the meat has been dropped out, but the fat (suet ) has been left in. Suet is shredded animal fat, usually beef, and can be bought in butcher shops here. Because I am vegetarian, I use vegetable suet, made from vegetable oil. Deb, you don't have to put it in if you don't want to - leave in or take out as you wish, and it will still taste good! I use it in pies, cake, baked apples (stuffed into the cavity where the core is removed), heated up on ice cream, and mixed with apple as a pie or crumble filling. it is a very traditional part of English Christmas, and one I wouldn't be without. I make about 6 dozen little mince pies for christmas and freeaze them; they can be baked in a hot oven from frozen, when they taste like freshly made.

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