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SuperFlu tv show tonight on National geographic


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I watched it last night, and it was definately the better of the two shows. They showed how the germ infiltrates and attacks the body physiologically, and how it's spread. They also went through our bodies defenses and how they work. In this show the zero (as in ground zero) carrier was a young Asian woman who traveled from Hong Kong to London. It was an eye opener. If it happens, it looks like the only way to avoid getting it is isolation. But, by the time it is discovered, it is likely that one has been exposed. I thought this one was worth watching, but Killer Flu didn't add anything we didn't already know. Superflu recommended being self sufficient for a minimum of 15 days, but said there may be waves where we would have to isolate several times. Health workers interviewed expressed concerns about going to work, as we suspected they would, and they have valid concerns. The most frightening aspect of the show was the Dr. showing an x-ray of healthy lungs and H5N1 affected lungs. It sounds like a painful death.

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They told about the damage to the lungs on the first one also. In light of this the new studies on Mullein, become even more important. I added this as a new reply to the Mullein thread in Natures perscriptions.

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