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My apologies to all of you for worrying about me. My computer hs been down. Something about the Java.

I am not sure it is totally corrected but at least I can post.


I also took on a part time job. Have been woring three

days a week.


Good to be home again! I appreciate your concern.





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Hi Schoolmarm...Welcome back...As the newly appointed (does that read shanghied by Darlene maybe

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Remember the other night when we were chatting Mother and you asked if there was anything vital to know about Moderating a forum?


I just clean forgot the NUMERO UNO RULO...ROFL (I was sick, that's my excuse)...


Rule #1:


Darlene is always always always always innocent...


See? -------->


*shewey*...I can't believe I forgot that...

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While I was off the computer I did manage to geta few

things accomplished. Major prep was a 2006 Jeep Grand

Cherokee. I also brought my car first aid kit up to

snuff. I have repacked my bob bag twice.


Thanks to all for your welcome backs. I have the day off and

plan on buying stocking stuffers for my DGI friends.



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