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AF spread to another mammal in Germany!!


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I just read this on the CNN website... AF has now spread to yet another mammal. This is getting really scary folks. I feel very panicked this morning reading this as I have only started my quest for preps in the last few months and with money as tight as it is after Katrina, I have not gotten very far with it. I so hate to have to explain to my 16 year old how bad it could get, but he is smart way beyond his years and has a very calm approach to it. He also is totally with it in reference to preparation and being self sufficient, so I am blessed in that. Geez, what ever happend to being able to be a carefree young person? Have a great day....

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I feel the same way you do. It grieves my heart thinking my children may have to experience something like this.


I'm upping my study and prayer because that is the only way I can manage the anxiety. I am praying hard that this flu mutates into a less lethal form once it goes human-to-human.



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