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I would suggest, for any that might be interested, to visit this site that lists the names of service men and women over in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the special needs/requests that they have.




If you have the means and the desire, I would highly recommend this site.


God bless America.

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Here are some introductions from a few soldiers that have signed up to receive packages from Americans at www.anysoldier.com:


"27 Aug 2006:

Living conditions are pretty good... what some people are lacking in their living conditions are microwaves.I'm representing my squad and thats something that we want and need...another thing is hair supplies for females who are african american. Hair products overseas are very limited and usually dont have what the soldier needs something that can moisturize your hair...I myself need a pair of boots because I only have one pair a size 6 1/2 w...alarm clocks are also needed, soldiers have problems setting the alarm clocks they sale and some say they usually dont work, or go off sooner than they are supposed to go off...My unit is from Hawaii and would appreciate what help we can get."


" 27 Aug 2006:

I am the commander of Bravo Company, 2-27 Infantry "Wolfhounds". We are based out of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and are currently serving on a remote Forward Operating Base (FOB)in Iraq. We are a unit rich in history, both ruthless in combat and compassionate in peace! We have a long standing relationship with an orphanage in Osaka, Japan for over 60 years.

We have some amenities on the FOB such as 110 and 220 power, but not too much else. We have no cooking ability at the soldier level. Most of my soldiers will spend their little time off playing Xbox or Playstation, reading magizines, playing sports, watching movies, or hitting the gym.

Please send snack items (beef jerky, nuts, crackers, chips, salsa, trailmix, granola bars, cliffbars, etc), magazines (fitness, money/financial, travel/adventure, and sports related), hygiene items (baby wipes unscented, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, deoderant, soap, razors and blades, soft toliet paper, etc), CDs/DVDs, and anything else you think a soldier would like.

It's always a huge morale boost when mail arives and every soldier enjoys recieving something from "home", even if it's from someone he's never met before. Your continual support and gratitude continually inspire my men and remind them of what they are fighting for. Thank you for all you do. "


"27 Aug 2006:

Hello my brother or sister, thank you for your support. We will always continue to defend as long as we have America supporting us. Where I am based at is very dry heat and water hear is always hot for the small refrigerators are minimum. We have electricity but goes out hear and there. And food is one thing we dont worry about.So a microwave would do no good unless we were in winter were we could make hot chocalete and coffee. My squad that does not know iam doing this request. Iam personaly requesting a notebook so I can write back and forth my wife and two children back home in which just started school. My wife gets really weirded if I dont at least tell hear hello every few days but I cant blame her for look where I am. Welll the rest of the unit would like calling cards and all of us would love to have writing buddies. So we the fire support team at North carolina would thank you from all our hearts for your help thank you and God bless. "


"27 Aug 2006:

Hi! I'm PFC Ferguson, I am representing my squad of paratroopers out of Ft. Bragg, NC. We are combat engineers(we blow stuff up). Our squad is an outdoorsey bunch when we are stateside, we go backbacking and rafting as often as possible. I find this difficult because I have no idea what you would want to know about us. We are just a group of guys doing our job, and I assure you that we love you far more than you love us. So here is our list...cheer laundry detergent, spyderco knife sharpeners, Q-tips, Maxwell House Coffee, anything microwavable, toothbrushes/toothpaste, GOOD toliet paper(we get aweful stuff), CRKT knives, SGT Craig likes mountain dew a lot but if you don't send it that will probably be a good thing!

Well that's all, I know that it is aweful long and we don't hardly expect it all, but whatever you can would help because we don't have access to a PX. Thank you,

PFC Ferguson "


"27 Aug 2006:

I am SGT Holibaugh with A co engineers 3rd BSTB 82nd ABN DIV. I am originally from Pittsburgh PA. we would like to have underamour t shirts black socks white socks foot powder, deoderant, dove soap, barber brushes, otis weapon cleaning kits, lighters, any dvd you can get your hands on, beef jerky, tuna, twizzles, protein supplements and bars. LOTS of babywipes! mach fusion and mach 3 blades. shaving gel. any other non-peishable food items. Also, skoal staight long-cut, redman, and winston and marlboro lights.

The conditions here: limited internet, no toilets (yeah we have to burn poop), isolated from any place to get new clothing items, and small very small.

Anything received on this list will be greatly appreciated, we would like to thank everyone back home for the support!


SGT Holibaugh "


"27 Aug 2006:

We have just started our tour here in Iraq. For one of our staff, this is his second deployment, he went to Afghanistan last year. Our Unit is from Hawaii, but we are a mixture of a lot of different folks ie. Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, Alaska, Georgia, California, Texas and Oregon) We have electricity its 220, but we have to use converters. So far we have burned out 1 phone because we mistook a power strip for a converter. We are fortunate to have a washer/dryer in our area, dryer sheets are hard to come by, they sell out pretty fast here. We mostly just miss a lot of our favorite things. I'll list a few of the items that we can always use, we appreciate whatever comes our way. And we would love to hear from you as well. Here are some of the things we would enjoy the most: Magazines, books, CD's and DVDs(Used is fine, we always pass them around to our other sections, so eveybody will benefit.) Crystal Light "On the Go" packets, powdered gatorade or other drink mixes. (You get tired of drinking plain water all the time, the flavors help us to enjoy the required hydration needed to keep healthy in the heat.) Gum is always nice, but not the stick gum, it melts. Hard candies are good too. We miss Starbucks, so flavored coffee creamors are nice, some splenda and even coffee is always good. Microwave popcorn is also a favorite (it goes well with the movies). Wahoo brand Tuna, Spicey Spam, Cup O Noodles, Dinty More, corn beef, pretty much things that you can open and cook in a microwave. We dont have any stoves here. The Dining Facilities are nice, but we don't always get to go due to how busy we are. So, the quick little fixes help us get through the busy times. I can't think of much more without sounding greedy. We would appreciate anything that comes our way and what we can't use here we will definately find someone who can. Hope to hear from you soon, Take care and keep us in your prayers.

MSG Kain "


"27 Aug 2006:

I'm a platoon leader in a Cavalry troop deployed from Ft. Lewis, WA and for some of us it is our second time here in this country. We are currently stationed outside of the Iraqi city called Tall 'Afar in Northern Iraq. My platoon currently lives in a large room but we have electricty (110 and 220) and most of us sleep on beds. We do not currently have a microwave but we do have a laundry service. My platoon could use more pillows, socks (white or green), any type of magazines to read, dvd's to watch, and of course a lot of food to snack on. Also, any type of air freshners would be nice since some of these guys are beginning to smell real bad. Any support will help significantly and will be extremely appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

1LT Andrew Kennedy

2nd Platoon

Bronco Troop

1-14 Cavalry Regiment "


"27 Aug 2006:

I am writing on behalf of a Legal Office, I work with three female soldiers. We provide legal support to soldiers assigned to the 15th Support Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division.


We all live in trailers and really don't have a place to cook. We have 220 volt electricity in our hooches, so some of us have microwaves and popcorn would be a nice idea. Other than that I have no real specific requests.


I am looking to do this as a morale booster so that my team feels like we still have a connection to the States. We will welcome any generous gift that any American is willing to send us. I truly appreciate this great service and thank those men, women and children back home who are thinking about those of us separated from our loved ones.




CPT Daniel Mazzone "


"27 Aug 2006:

Hi my name is Sgt Judy McLemore,

I'm representing my squad, we are out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

We are living in container housing units, which have electricity with 220v. Some of the soldiers have microwaves in there rooms or have access to one at work. Items like cup O noodles, popcorn, kettle corn, coco and anything else that you can think of that's microwavable would be nice.

Other items that can help the soldiers through this deployment are Army Physical Fitness shirts, Short and long sleeve small and large or Xlarge.

Items that are hard to come buy in our PX that we could use are, sunflower seeds, beef jerkey, gummy bears, any candies also magazines (womens and mens). We work night shift and always like to have something to read and munch on so anything you can think of would be awesome.

Hygiene items we could use are tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth wash, nail clippers and filers, lotions, floss picks. For females pantyliners, Playtex tampons.

I know this is alot to ask for, so anything you can send will be greatly appreciated and put to use by someone. We appreciate all your kindness and support.


Sgt Judy McLemore "

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This is a wonderful thing we can do to support the troops, and I thank you for providing the link. I've found a couple of soldiers I'd like to send care packages, and later I'll go back and look again. It's kinda hard to read though, 'cause I couldn't stop

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I know that what we have sent to Jerry he either uses or he gives to others who need it.


Jerry was back in TX., for two weeks and has gone back to Iraq now.


He says thank you to all who are praying


I'll have to read this, as I haven't read it all yet.

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Maybe some were able to do this already and bumping up for those who might want to in future. My work group supported effort and several packages send to marine unit instead of our usual Christmas outreach. Other packages will go out later. Our shopper person is frugal and makes sure funds are spent wisely to allow the most items to be sent. (Like waiting until seasonal candy goes half-price sale)

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