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Making Mundane Meals Magnificent

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Presentation, Presentation, Presentation! The lettuce leaves really make "simple" food look fancy.


I've been playing a game with cooking. 20 minutes is my goal. Gas BBQ mostly but I do stovetop too. My friend and sister can't eat gluten, so I was playing with gluten free stuff.


One thing that has helped fast prep is using rice noodle instead of rice. 10 minute cook time instead of 30-40.


Anyway, all of these are done in 20 minutes. Grill goes on pre-heat when I put the starch in water (bolil in the pot, I never wait for it to boil before adding). grill ready in 5 minutes. 5 minutes to cook fish, maybe 10 for the chicken.Vegis can get 2 minutes in the microwave with some olive oil before adding to the grill. the noodles are done in 10. Tossing the lettuce while the grill cooks, then 5 minutes to drain and arrange. Takes some co-processing skills, but with practice, I can get a "wow" (and healthy) dinner in 20 minutes.



Primary seasoning is Mrs. Dash. and lemon (or Tone's fish seasoning, but I don't like the high salt)


BBQ tuna, zucchini, cilantro. lettuce tossed with minimal lemon juice, olive oil, and ground Parmesan

pork chop, rice noodle with ground peanuts, green onion

tilapia, zucchini, broccoli (should have nuked the boccoli half-way as it was under-done)

chicken breasts with GF teriyaki sauce, rice vermicelli, roma tomatoes.

post-2473-060309400 1314832455_thumb.jpg

post-2473-010654100 1314832482_thumb.jpg

post-2473-074622300 1314832498_thumb.jpg

post-2473-033418200 1314832523_thumb.jpg

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