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Hi Ya'll,


We just finished picking all our garlic scapes, those curly flower stalks from our garlic plants. Just in case ya'll don't know, you need to pick them from your hard neck garlics or they'll take away from bulb development, i.e, your heads of garlic will be small. (Some times I leave a few of the scapes. They make pretty flowers, but smell like garlic, so you probably don't want them in your bouquet!). Today's lunch was pasta with garlic scape pesto:


about a pound of garlic scapes

about 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese

some olive oil


Pine nuts would have nice to add too, but I was too hungry to crack them. Whirl the garlic scapes in a food processor until they're all chopped up. Add parmesan cheese and enough olive oil to make a nice paste. Serve on pasta or spread on crackers or French bread.


If you happen to have any left over, put in a jar, put a little olive oil on top (so the pesto doesn't discolor) and cover tightly.


It's potent, but it makes you feel so good! It's good enough, that I'm thinking of growing a lot more garlic next year.



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Oh, thank you so much for reminding me. I'm heading out there now before I forget. With the constant rain for the past two weeks, I totally forgot about picking them... I always pickle mine, I'm trying your recipe today. Yum! Pesto is my favorite food group.

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Pickle them? Oh my! Recipe please? Do they taste like pickled garlic? Without all the clove peeling? OH MY!


I froze the rest of mine. After a couple days of eating the pesto, we needed a break. It's kinda intense.


You are very welcome, Pogo. :)

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