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Son Has Severe Reaction to Tamiflu


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My son, 11, was diagnosed friday with swine flu. We gave him tamiflu at 7 pm and everything was fine. He woke up screaming about 11:30. He was hallcinating, screaming, and talking like a 3 year old. He though everyone was dead. Telling us he hated himself and that he was sorry over and over. It was basically a psychotic breakdown. Called the dr and she didn't this was from tamiflu but was going to look it up. Called back 2 minutes later and said it was. The very last side effect in her book was delirium and self injury especially in children. Poison control said there was nothing to give him to counteract, he had to sleep it off. He was like this for about an hour and we got him calmed down. He was fine by the next morning but still extremely hyper. The thing was, his flu was not really that bad. The cure was definitely worse than the sickness. Needless to say, myself or my other boys will be taking tamiflu or the swine flu vaccination.

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I'm so sorry!!! Yes Tamilflu can cause this kind of reaction in children and teens especially. :bighug2: I remember hearing about that a couple of years ago with some teens in Japan that had this kind of reaction and ended up dying. I am so glad your son was able to calm down and didn't end up hurting himself!

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My DH is a pediatrician and he is not a big fan of Tamiflu because he says it doesn't work very well plus over use is breeding viral resistance.


So, I don't understand this whole Tamiflu thing. Is it being prescribed just to make people feel emotionally better because the MD or government is doing something? If Tamiflu is largely ineffective, can create viral resistance and has a possible side effect of "delirium and self injury especially in children" then why in the world are we using it? :buttercup:


And thanks for the heads up about the delirium. I'll mention this to the hubby. (Although I don't think he ever prescribes the stuff anyway.)

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Tonight at dinner I had the chance to talk to DH some more about Tamiflu. He said he sometimes prescribes Tamiflu, but in his opinion it's a calculated risk so he generally only uses the medication for those that already have pre-existing health problems (asthma for instance) that would predispose them to further complications due to the flu. He told me it's not a medication he would use on a normally healthy child. DH also told me he has seen the delirium reaction following Tamiflu. He told me no one knows why it happens.

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