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Cast iron lamb cake molds? Or will aluminum do?

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So every year Grandma would make a lamb cake. It was most excellent and I have some wonderful memories of her showing me how to do the cake and make the frosting (Mom doesn't bake worth crap so seeing frosting not from a plastic can and cake not from a mix was enlightening).


Grandma sold her house over 20 years ago, her kitchen stuff went into an aunt's basement, and all her wonderful kitchen items got passed down to the cousins who lived closer by and I didn't get jack. :( So someone else got her wonderful cast iron lammie cake mold. And the...aww heck I'll stop griping now I guess.


Years later I worked in a bakery for a while and at Easter time every time I closed my eyes I could see flocks upon flocks of lamb cakes. Those molds were cast iron too (careful as you scrub them! *CLANG* OWW @#$%%^&!!!!).


I suspect that the aluminum pans don't have the mass to really hold the cake down since online recipes tell you to tie the molds down and I never saw that necessary with the cast iron.


However, I don't think my husband would be enthused about me spending $100+ for the cast iron.


So does anyone here use an aluminum mold to good effect, and if so, which one?

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I had never heard of a lamb cake, so I googled it. Looks yummy!


The Wilton site had directions on using their pans. Yes, they are aluminum and were tied together for baking.

Yes, but has anyone here actually used the aluminum pans to good effect? This is a bit different than pouring batter into one-sided molds.

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Cast iron and steel ones, yes. Aluminum, no. The cast iron distributes the heat better, I have never scorched. The steel always 'hot spots', and I have scorched several. As aluminum is not as conductive, I suspect they would be inbetween. I suspect you really only have one option, try it.



of the Librum.


(I ALWAYS break the ears when icing. :sigh: )

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