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House Centipedes

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I am sooo grossed out. Every once in a while I'll see one of those nasty house centipedes in the house. They are the ugliest bug I've ever seen. They are about one and a half to two feet inches long with a buzillion legs and hairy. And, they are faster than lightning. I can't tell you how much I loathe them!


When you spray them with Raid, they die right away (not soon enough) and all of their legs fall off. They just fall away from the body and twitch for a few seconds. I hate those nasty things in my house. Or even outside come to think of it.


So, I saw one on the wall. I ran for the Raid (the 'Country Fresh Scent' pffft, yeah right) being careful not to cast a shadow around it. They run if they see any movement including a shadow. I got the can and sprayed it. Before it fell off the wall and died it left me a present. Awwww, sweet. There are now about a dozen hairy centipede legs stuck to my wall. I still haven't found the dead (I hope) body. I'm hoping the vacuum cleaner hose will dislodge the legs from my wall and make them disappear. If not, I'll just have to hang a picture frame around them because I'm not touching them even with a paper towel. Perhaps I sprayed a little too zealously. But I wanted it dead. Probably a good thing the gun is locked away. Just sayin'.


I looked them up on Google. It said they are good because they eat other bugs. Well, I don't want other bugs in the house either. I also found out they do bite. It feels like a sting. They said not to worry though. It isn't really any worse than a bee sting. It also said they are carnivores.


Now I have the willies because if you see one.... :animal0017::animal0017:

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We have "stink bugs" all year round. Some seasons have higher concentrations than others. DH vacuums them up. They seem to love to jump/fly into the floor lamp. If we don't find them in time, eww the odor! I really don' t like them.

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I had a centipede one day.....my cat, Miss Macy was trying to catch it, well the rug, though flat, is dark and I thought it was maybe a fruit fly , well, it was a centipede and yea they sure move fast! It grossed me out pretty bad and I am not usually that grossed out with other bugs, but they do give you the willies! :blink:

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Sometimes Box Elder's try to sun themselves (always on the south side) on the side of the house (it's got steel siding) but a quick wash down with lemon scented dish soap send them away to somebody else. They're harmless but just annoying. Also absolutely HATE those hump back crickets that like to hide out in old, dusty barns etc. Had them try to find refuge in our crawl space but had it treated, so haven't seen them for several years. A good dousing with Sevin granules is a must even though I don't like to use insecticides. Sometimes it's just a must to keep your home free. For the "P-ants" that like to come after moisture in the kitchen etc., I've found a jar lid with 50% 20mule team borax and 50% sugar (or jelly) sitting somewhere around the sink gets rid of them QUICK. They carry the "sweet" stuff back to their nest & it kills the nest and queen (from what I understand). Used to have problems with them in our p/u truck but that has stopped also since we started the borax/sugar mixture.

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