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15 Reasons Amish Were the Original Hipsters


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So I know that I have mentioned that I live in Amish country and that I am mennonite, but have I told you all that I actually descend from the Amish?? I know pretty awesome, right?? All four of my grandparents were born and raised Amish, but left the church a few years after they were married.

Anyway, the other day I came across the website Amish or Hipster and I found it hilarious.

Well, it got me thinking a bit and it hit me. Dude, the hipsters ARE stealing their ideas from the Amish! I know, it sounds crazy but seriously, check out my list below to see why Amish were the original hipsters. (Hopefully you realize I am being facetious and not hating on the Amish or the hipsters.)

1. Overgrown Beards

Let’s start with a pretty obvious one. Amish are known for the beards. Apparently the hipsters noticed how awesome the Amish men were rocking them, so they decided to try growing them too. The verdict is still out on who wears them better.

2. Eating Local

A big trend amongst the hipsters is eating locally grown food. They realized in the past few years how much healthier local produce is and how much tastier it is as well. Guess what. The Amish have always known this. And they laugh at your attempts at gardening. What, you have a little garden in a community plot? That’s cute, check out my 1 acre space just for green beans!

3. Raising Chickens

Another food related trend amongst the hipster circles, is raising chickens for their eggs. Amish have been raising chickens and collecting their eggs for countless generations. And unlike the hipsters, they are actually able to cope. (Seriously, have you seen this article about when hipsters can’t cope with their chickens?)

4. Ironic Vintage Clothing

An easy way to spot hipsters is by the way they dress. The same can be said about the Amish. Hipsters think it is funny to wear ironic t-shirts they find at vintage stores (and pay a lot of money for). You know what’s ironic? Wearing heavy wool pants and dresses while working out in the fields in the middle of the summer. Oh and their children always wear vintage. They just call them hand-me-downs.

5. Not Showering

What can only be explained as an effort to save the world or shear laziness, hipsters tend to not shower as frequently as the rest of us. You know where they got the idea? That’s right. The Amish. Unfortunately, the hipsters don’t have quite the dedication that the Amish have and succumb to showering more than once a month.

6. Low Carbon Footprint

Another way that hipsters try to save the world is by reducing their carbon footprints. Once again, they can’t even compete with the Amish on this one. The Amish are so good about keeping a low carbon footprint, they aren’t even aware that they are doing it. In fact, they don’t even know what that means.

7. Old Fashioned Crafts

Grandmother-esque crafts have really become quite trendy over the past few years. You aren’t an authentic hipster unless you have tried your hand at embroidery, knitting, canning, crocheting, quilting, etc. The Amish were on to this trend way before the hipsters. In fact, they were on to the trend so early, they didn’t even know these hobbies ever went out of style.

8. Uncommon Baby Names

Hipsters really take joy in naming their babies names that are anything but popular. Plus choosing names like Holden, Orson, or Atticus let’s people know how scholarly you are. The Amish have been naming their kids uncommon old fashioned names for decades. Oh hey Zebadiah! What’s happening, Atlee? (One of my grandpas) How have you been Bertha? (And one of my grandmas) And my personal favorite: Elden. (That’s my dad!)

9. Living in the Right Neighborhoods

Hipsters tend to stick together in cities. Every city has a hipster neighborhood these days. And you aren’t a real hipster unless you live there. The Amish like to do this too. In fact, they love living close together so much, they will pay top dollar to purchase land in the popular Amish areas. (Kind of annoying when you live in Amish country and want to buy land…) And they all vacation in the same neighborhood too! Insider Amish scoop: want to see where the Amish let down their hair? Check out the little community of Pinecraft in Sarasota Florida. This is where they ALL go. Anyone who is anyone in the Amish/Mennonite circle vacations in Pinecraft.

10. Riding Bikes

As an effort to reduce their carbon footprints, hipsters like to travel by bicycle. Amish also love to ride bicycles! Of course, it is pretty much their only option other than buggies and tractors. Their favorite place to ride bicycles? Pinecraft. But to really be in vogue in Pinecraft, you should probably have a 3-wheeler.

11. Avoiding Public Schools

As hipsters get older and start having children of their own, many of them soon realize that they don’t agree with the structure and standardization of the public school system. The solution? Homeschooling or if you can afford it, Montessori. The Amish have also long been weary of the public school system. Their solution? One room school houses ala 1800 style. Try to compete with that level of vintage, hipsters.

12. Floor Length Skirts: aka Maxis

Every hipster knows that there were so many good things about the 70′s, including maxi skirts and floor length dresses. Hipster girls love the free flowing feel and the vintage vibe long skirts add to their wardrobe. Amish women also love floor length dresses. Of course, they don’t really have any other option. But they love the 70′s too! 1870!

13. Pacifism

What better way to get under your patriotic parent’s skin than declare yourself as a pacifist. Sorry hipsters, but the Amish beat you to that idea too. We mennonites and Amish have been conscientious objecting to war long before your grandparents were even born.

14. Shunning the Non-Members

While hipsters might not flat out state that they shun non-hipsters, you better believe they think you are a complete sell out if you like Coldplay. The Amish are much more straight forward to the process. You leave our church? Don’t bother trying to shop at our store and you better expect to sit at a different table than the rest of us at the next family gathering. (Just an FYI: the Amish only shun former church members not people who were never Amish. So don’t worry! They will still let you sit at their table. Maybe.)

15. Simple Living

In order to learn how to live a more simple life, hipsters have been shelling out cash hoping to get into the next Kinfolk class on how to create flower crowns or ways to freshen up your house naturally. The Amish also strive for a more simple life, but rather than attending trendy events, they have decided to just live without things like television, cell phones, cars, and pretty much every other modern amenity. While the hipsters dream of spending their evenings sipping infused tea on their front porch, this is actually what the Amish do (Ok, minus the infused part. Unless you count lemons.)

See what I mean? The hipsters ARE copying the Amish! Don’t be surprised if the next hipster trend includes bonnets or horse drawn buggies!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)




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Most of your old order or stricter Amish communities do not have indoor pluming, so it would be very hard to take a shower that way.


I have heard that some use an old fashioned wash basin and sponge.


Mike & Lori aka "The Amishway Homesteaders" would have a better answer for that.


You can also check out these websites:








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I have heard that some use an old fashioned wash basin and sponge.


Mike & Lori aka "The Amishway Homesteaders" would have a better answer for that.






YES THEY DO take baths AND showers!

Most have a plastic tub that is big enought to sit down in with you legs out straigh (like maybe 4 - 5 feet long). Keep them in the washroom - most also have the wringer washers in that room as they need to heat the water up on stove to get hot water.

Most if not to dirty take a sponge bath in washroom and Saturdays are bath night (before Sunday Church) THINK the old days when peope did it that was all the time.

So (around here - 'most' do have indoor water at sinks from tanks upstairs that get filled from well with gas engine pumps.


now we do have a bathroom with tub / shower in it but sometimes it is still fun to taks a sponge bath where you stand by sink and wash using facecloth and soap.

Lori just came out from taking shower by candlelight as this is a 'off weekend' for us so we will not be using much electric all weekend.


And by the way seeing people are ALWAYS asking YES THEY ALSO PAY TAXES!

and THAT includes School Taxes even if they will NEVER go there. And then they have to pay for their own schools and teachers.


have a nice weekend all,


and thanks..................................

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