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  1. Hello eveyon! I'm still around and the family is doing good. I'm going to try and post a pic, if the forum will let me. ROBIE
  2. We are doing good here. Kids are getting big... FAST! Michael Jr is in kindergarden 6 years old, and Victoria is 3.
  3. I dont think it would be possable to scare the populace like that again. There are way too many outlets of infromation for people to go to then there was back then. That being said, some people will belive anything, but for the most part, too many strings have to be pulled to decive the people now a days. I think that I'm more cynical than most, and don't believe what I see and hear on the news or even the inter webs. ROBIE
  4. It's not dead, but gone quiet. There are still prepping classes out where I live, but it's not as vocal anymore. I think the public eye is looking at other things this day, letting us get by with our lives. Seeing as how we are portrayed in the lame stream media (i.e. doomsday preppers, anti government militias etc.), who wants to put up with that? ROBIE
  5. I am so so sorry that I forgot to remind everyone that "One Year After" came out on the 15th.!!! It's all my fault. The good news is, its out now. Robie
  6. It is like you said, without F bombs and raunchy parts to add spice, some publishers and readers will pass them over. Rawles and maybe one or two others are good at keeping that stuff out or to a minimum. Also, anyone that has a military background or that wants to write accurately about the military will use a lot of cuss word, because that's how the military talks. I know this first hand! Sex, not so much, but the US military is one of the biggest providers of porn around the world. Some authors may want their hero to be a type of James Bond, and be very handy with the ladies. Not so much for the plots sake, but the ego mostly. And yes, I'll try my best to remind everyone about the book coming out on September 15th. Robie
  7. I'm bringing this topic back up because.... "One Year After" comes out September 15th. !!! and BTW, there is no sex in "One Second After", just that part already mentioned about them waking up in bed. "One Second After" is hands down my favorite book in the EMP/SHTF topics. a close second is the "Going Home" series by A. American. No sex, but lots of F bombs. There is another series by G. Michael Hopf, "The End" and its sequels. Its ok, but not as good, with plenty of F bombs. Robie
  8. As for someone who lives in the southern California desert, any rain we get from Nino is welcome!!! The downsides are, no it will not pull us fully from the drought, but will make a huge dent in it, but possibly worse will be what could happen to the recent burn areas. As you know, the west coast is burning all over from wild fires. The possibilities of mud slides and erosion could do a lot more damage. Where I live, flash flooding is always a threat when it rains. Still, bring the rain!!! Robie
  9. Sassenach, as of last night, they have ALMOST all power restored, but there still remains a small part still without power and the mayor of Long Beach is Pissed!!! They still have no idea why the underground vaults exploded or how to fix it other than replace the burnt parts and hope it works. Now as far as preparedness in the MSM, I agree with the WE2's. So long as they don't go full "doomsday prepper" or "redneck counter culture" I'm fine with it. Maybe, just maybe, someone will learn something from it. It could be that they have found a nitch audience. Maybe it's a slow news cycle and they need something to fill time and space with, so pander to the preppers. If it comes from FEMA or ready.gov, then that's their job, telling us to be ready, buy a kit and have a plan. Not so much as to make us mainstream preppers, but to help make things easier when something does happen. I think that's about as mainstream as it's going to get. People who prep and have food to last a year, more supplies than most third world countries will more likely be ignored or at the least find themselves on "Hoarders" Others who stockpile "beans bullets and band aids will be lumped in with the "Ruby Ridge" survivalist crowd. So will this article from the UK start people down the road to prepping? Not likely. It could be just one more peace of the puzzle for some. Robie
  10. Wild fires in so Cal is nothing new, but this one jumped a major freeway and set cars ablaze while people ran for their lives!! One news reporter said it looks like something from "The Walking Dead". I have family that lives their and they are getting ready to evacuate when told. A shelter has been opened up down the street from them, but they have family close by. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one! http://www.ijreview.com/2015/07/371381-graphic-video-shows-cars-set-ablaze-california-highway-occupants-remain-trapped/ Robie
  11. I heard on the radio that one civilian volunteer had to carry a bucket of water up 17 flights of stairs so an elderly lady could flush her toilet!! Time to get some preps in to high gear.... Robie
  12. More from Long Beach CA http://www.myfoxla.com/story/29559357/thousands-in-long-beach-still-without-power Robie
  13. Anyone keeping an eye on what's happening in Long Beach CA? they've been without power for 2 days and nights with no idea of when its coming back on!!! Just 2 days and the city is back in the stone age!! Is anyone's alarm bells going off about this? http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-long-beach-power-outage-20150717-story.html Robie
  14. well look at that!!! it works!! Thanks Jeepers Robie
  15. well... I've been trying to post a reply with a link in it and this thing wont let me. National Geographic did a show about EMP's and they ask you, putting you as the president what would you do? (This show had some Hillary looking woman as the press.) Since it wont let me post the link or the video, you need to go to youtube and look for "Electronic Armageddon" . Its about an hour long, and lots of good information in it. Robie
  16. Thanks Sassenach, that backs up some thoughts I've had already, but more study needs to be done. Robie
  17. I've Been doing a lot of reading of survival fiction where we get hit with an EMP, such as "One Second After" and the "Going Home" books. One thing I've noticed in them is that generators that are hard connected to start running as soon as power goes out such as in a hospital will die as with the rest of the power because of the hard connection. One other thing is solar panels. Out here in So Cal, new homes are built with solar panels already on. Others are going solar for the rebates and tax breaks and to save from the huge power bills we get. So, if the generators go out because they are hard connected, wouldn't solar panels do the same? I'm no expert on solar panels, so I'm going to be doing a lot of reading up on that subject very soon. Robie
  18. There is a new movie coming out next summer about a huge earthquake on the San Andreas fault line. From the trailer, the effects looks great, but not going to promise anything yet, other than The Rock is the star. Robie
  19. I know, I really miss that job! Robie
  20. years ago, mid 90's I used to work in a chocolate store called "The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory" . I loved that job, but not enough business to keep the store open. I showed up to work one day with a shirt that had this list on it and my boss loved it!! so here it is: 1. It's easy to get good Chocolate. 2. Having good Chocolate doesn't require much concentration. 3. You can have Chocolate on top of your desk without upsetting your coworkers. 4. You never have to fake your enjoyment with Chocolate. 5. You can have Chocolate in front of your mother. 6. Photographs of you having Chocolate won't ruin your political career. 7. You hardly ever gag on Chocolate. 8. Having Chocolate won't keep your neighbors awake. 9. If you just want "kisses" all night, Chocolate won't lay a guilt trip on you. 10. You can have Chocolate on the floor without getting rug burns. 11. Chocolate satisfies even when it's gone soft. 12. Being addicted to Chocolate presents few health risks. 13. You don't need a few drinks before you suggest Chocolate. 14. Chocolate doesn't make you pregnant. 15. It's easy to make Chocolate hot. 16. Chocolate doesn't mind if you think about somebody else while you eat it. 17. You can safely have Chocolate while you're driving. 18. You never have to say "That was the best Chocolate I ever had... really." 19. In cold weather, Chocolate can stay hard indefinitely. 20. Chocolate won't needle you for information about all your past Chocolates. 21. It's OK to have Chocolate on top of your desk or in an elevator. 22. You can talk dirty to Chocolate without having it lose respect for you. 23. Offering Chocolate to everybody at a party doesn't make you a Ho. 24. Chocolate satisfies every time. feel free to add your own ideas. Robie
  21. Thankful that it was not as bad as it could have been. Hopefully this will get some people thinking about getting a kit and a plan together! Robie
  22. I live in southern California, In the high desert, city of Lancaster. Didn't feel a thing! And the San Andreas is just with in spitting distance as they say. Robie
  23. ok, so just for me, not my wife or kids or dogs. If we got the word to leave the house and we had just enough time to change and go, no problem for me. The wife and kids, that's another matter I've been trying to work on. So here goes. My hat. A black soft felt hat I wear all the time. Shirt: My Columbia hiking/camping type shirt. Long sleeves but can be rolled up short. It's light nylon rip stop type in a tan color. Under this I have a white or black compression work out shirt that wicks moisture and helps keep me cool.... or so they say.... Pants: Tan cargo pocket pants. Not nylon rip stop, but still light and big on pockets. Not telling what goes under... Shoes: Black Nike trail runners. Black socks. Things I keep in my pockets all the time, every day: Swiss Army knife, Buck folding knife clipped on my pocket, Watch, Cell phone, Pen, Note pad, Wallet, Pocket calendar, handkerchief. Keys on a para cord key ring W/ a P38. Around my neck: small knife, smaugh (the kind of bandana/head gear they wear in the mid east) (I don't carry the knife on a daily basis.) On my belt, Army/Air force survival knife, .45 auto with 4 extra mags.(Again, the knife and .45 are not carried on a daily basis, only if really needed.) Mini Mag light. Leatherman Wave (bit heavy, but has everything on it). Here in the California high desert at this time of month the days are in the mid 100's. Nights in the low 70's. Rain? I wish!! Water and food is something I'd grab on my way out the door and put in one of my cargo pockets, providing that my usual bags are not allowed for this exercise. Most of this is what I wear and carry ever day with some exceptions mentioned. I'm well adapted to getting up and going on the fly, but now that I have a better half and two great bundles of joy to take care of, things get complicated really fast!! Whoever came up with the saying: "Easy like Sunday morning" never had to get two toddlers dressed and ready for church! Like the rest of you, I'll be looking this over and seeing where I can make changes to fit my local, and will give my input on the next threads as well. Robie
  24. For the record.... I do all the cooking... so I also do all the shopping!! and I love Jeanne Robertson!.......Lord, that was funny!! Robie... (still )
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