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Mujadarra (lentils and rice)

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Lent is a handy excuse to foist introduce more vegetarian fare to my husband. I dusted off something my grandmother's Lebanese friends made:




I add a few more spices to the dish than this recipe shows- cinnamon, cardamom, sometimes ginger shows up in it. Add some fresh herbs if you have them; I garnish with sliced tomatoes. Served it to my husband...who went for seconds.




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It IS good....that is the dish I used to introduce my husband to lentils...which he promptly declared he liked very much with his usual high praise..."you could make this again..."

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Okay, just finished a big bowl of this. It is very good and extremely filling. I used reconstituted powdered sour cream in place of the yogurt, since that is what I had. And I added significantly more cumin than the recipe called for :happy0203: (cumin freaks here). I think that next time I make this, and I will make this again, I will halve the lentils and rice and triple the number of onions. Since the caramelized onions were done several minutes before the lentils, someone kept snacking on them! :whistling: This makes a LOT of lentils and rice, so unless you have a huge family, you'll be eating on it for several days! But very inexpensive to make and this is an ideal recipe for storage foods.


Thanks for sharing it!

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